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Status Updates posted by Kajah995

  1. God I totally missed by 8th anniversary by a few days on this site but it's been a w h i l e.

    Memories, man. They're all flooding back.

    1. Eggiweg


      Wow, congrats on the 8 years

  2. Heck new tamatalk looks snazzy!!!

    1. Tama_Llama


      and a loooot more complicated XD

  3. Okay well at this point my log is totally dead. Life got waaaaay too big for me to take it on and I just needed a break. I've retired from that, but hopefully I'll come back to logging someday!

    1. Tama_Llama


      will be excited for new logs! :D:wub:

  4. I swear my log's gonna come back life is just sTRESS

    1. TAMAGIRL2008


      Take your time and care of yourself, logs are always there to come back to! But looking forward to reading it when you do get back to it :)

    2. Tama_Llama


      it's okay, we only want you to be alright, write more of your log when your ready :)

  5. Oh god I'm 19 someone stop time from happening please

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    2. Iza


      oh shut up you're still a baby :P happy birthday xD

    3. Rorys_Tamas


      yeah 19 is nothing so enjoy!

    4. Tama_Llama


      stop time? from reading your log, you should go in the pause room! I'm just kidding. i know it' not real

  6. Going back and reading some stuff in TamaTalk news from 2004-2008 is a surreal experience

    1. DaniTamastar


      lol ye i cringe at my posts from 5 minutes ago so looking back into 2008 must be deadly

    2. Tamacass


      My old fanfics are worse... :{

    3. tamapalace
  7. Gonna have to postpone tonight's entry until tomorrow morning. I'm so tired haha

  8. Massive log update? Jeez my arms are tired and I need a nap.

  9. Excited af for my log to come back!!! a a A A aA a aAAaAaaA

  10. Sorry for the lasck of log updates in the past two days, things have been a bit hectic. Should be back tonight or tomorrow

  11. Time for the next installment of how many consecutive days can I keep my log running before I burn out again. Hopefully I'll be here to celebrate 1 year of my current log in less than a month

  12. Okay I should have a log post out tomorrow. Depression suCKS

  13. Hey everyone, I promise I'm going to be logging soon, I'm just trying to work through a depression that hit me. Sorry

    1. Kajah995


      A shame too, cause it's important I log Ryanne...

    2. ~SkrillexGotchi~


      We'll be here for you, Eppie :3

  14. I prooooomise I'm going to catch up on log posts in the next few days. Things have just been... really weird for me.

  15. [citation needed]

  16. I wanted to bring back my log today. But then photobucket went and screwed up. MY ENTIRE TAMATALK LOG RAN ON PHOTOBUCKET. Uugh. Any recommendations on how to fix this? Alternative photo-sharing sites? Trying to avoid imgur if possible because I like sub-albums.

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    2. Knighttchi's Ballad

      Knighttchi's Ballad

      I guess I should have posted about Photobucket back when I thought of it, solely because of the notable people. You could try asking the mods to allow you to replace your pictures. I just linked to my (now abandoned) photobucket account in one of my current logs mentioning that all my pictures were there.

    3. tamapalace
    4. Kajah995


      Yeah the gallery still exists so I just posted a link to that in my log.

  17. thanks photobucket it's not like i needed to use you or anything


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    2. Kajah995


      Window shopping is death


    3. tamapalace
    4. Kajah995


      Did THE tamapalace just respond to my status. Omg.

    1. Knighttchi's Ballad

      Knighttchi's Ballad

      You should have just left yourself as Kajah995, a name that identifies your content but you know is not your own.

    2. Kajah995


      I know but I want to be me!

  19. I think the trolls were purged omg

    1. Kajah995


      I guess I win Last Post Wins until someone unlocks the topic (if they ever do)


  20. ...What are with all these new accounts trolling the forum?

  21. Mama's back at logging, but it ain't happy. To the future, though!

    1. Doobytchi66


      To the future!

    2. Rorys_Tamas


      Never give up, never surrender

  22. (I was told to make this status by Eppie) Bad news everyone... My hiatus has seen four deaths. And it's with a heavy, HEAVY heart that I say, at age 87, Neall has passed away due to oversleeping. He will be so sorely missed.

  23. Hey all. Sorry for not updating my log recently My dad's been in the hospital and I need to take care of him, and can't devote time to logging for a bit. This was really sudden. He'll be okay, but he's just very sick and needs my help.

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    2. sourcasm


      Hope you and your dad are okay, Eppie. Lots of love <33

    3. MarshyMellow


      Hope your dad feels better! :(

    4. Kajah995


      Thank you all <3