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    New York City
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    FANDOMS: Homestuck, Tamagotchi, FNAF, Legend of Zelda, Pokémon, Anime (favorite is Shugo Chara), MLP, DBZ, Steven Universe, AC:NL, Doctor Who, and old Nicktoons/Nickelodeon cartoons (ChalkZone; MLaaTR; Ed, Edd, and Eddy; etc.)! (Probably a few I'm forgetting. I'll add them as they come)

    GENERAL INTERESTS: Reading, writing stories, and having fun with my friends.

    Also I'm REALLY into Youtube. Ask me about it if ya want :P

My Tamagotchis

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    (Blank star means running outside of my Tamatalk Log, but you can see its progress on my instagram @kajah995. Filled in star means it's being run on my log AND on instagram. All shell names are from tamashell.com/Project Tamashell)

    White with Blue Tamagotchi p1
    Blue Spaceship Tamagotchi p2
    Gold with Black Tamagotchi p2
    White Tamagotchi Angel
    Leaves Tamagotchi Morino
    Beige with Butterflies Tamagotchi v1 (v1 in a v2 shell)
    Green with Orange Tamagotchi v1
    Magenta with Stars Tamagotchi v1
    White Clover Tamagotchi Keitai
    White Camo Tamagotchi v2
    TF Stars Blue Tamagotchi v2
    Magenta with Hibiscus Tamagotchi v2
    Beads Red Tamagotchi Chou Jinsei Enjoi Tamagotchi Plus (Entama)
    Yellow with Stripes Tamagotchi Mini
    Purple Tamagotchi Mini
    Numbers Tamagotchi Chibi
    Gray with Graffiti Tamagotchi v3
    Black with Nihon Kanji Tamagotchi v3
    Orange with Flowers Tamagotchi v3
    Pink with Cherries Tamagotchi v3
    ☆White Zebra Tamagotchi v3
    Yellow with dots Tamagotchi v3
    Red with Origami Tamagotchi v4
    Yellow with Balls Tamagotchi v4
    L-Gray with Flowers Tamagotchi v4
    Peacock Tamagotchi v4.5
    Blue Globe Tamagotchi v4.5
    Purple Tubes Tamagotchi v4.5
    Groovey Time Tamagotchi v5
    Tama House Tamagotchi v5
    ★Cookie Dough Tamagotchi v5
    Purple with Rockets Tamagotchi v5
    Movies Tamagotchi v5.5
    Movie Night Tamagotchi v5.5
    Sound Blast Tamagotchi v6
    Idol Dream Tamagotchi v6
    Purple with Memetchi Tamagotchi TamaTown TamaGo
    Blue with Memetchi Tamagotchi TamaTown TamaGo
    Series 3: Green Tamagotchi Nano
    White Tamagotchi iDL
    Princess Spacy Tamagotchi iDL
    15th Anniversary Tamagotchi iDL
    Blue Tamagotchi P's
    Dream Coffret Tamagotchi P's Set
    Purple Tamagotchi 4U
    Lemon Yellow Tamagotchi 4U+
    Kira Kira Gem Tamagotchi Friends: Dream Town
    ☆Floral Gem Tamagotchi Friends: Dream Town
    ★Purple Tamagotchi Spacy m!x
    Pink Tamagotchi Melody m!x
    ★Pink Tamagotchi 20th Anniversary m!x
    Blue Tamagotchi Dream m!x
    Blue Tamagotchi Mini (2017 release)
    Pink Tamagotchi Mini (2017 release)
    Skeleton Tamagotchi Mini (2017 release)

    Black with Mametchi Tamagotchi TamaTown TamaGo
  • Favorite Tamagotchi
    The v3 or the P's
  • Favorite Tamagotchi Character
    Kusatchi, Horoyotchi, Nyorotchi, and Octopus Nyatchi
  • Tamagotchis currently running
    Check out my Tamagotchi Log in The Library for up-to-date information :)
    or search for Kajah995's Awesome Log of Amazingness Take 5; Part 2

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  1. God I totally missed by 8th anniversary by a few days on this site but it's been a w h i l e.

    Memories, man. They're all flooding back.

    1. Eggiweg


      Wow, congrats on the 8 years