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  1. Oh!


    Oh my gosh haha I wonder, too.
  2. Oh!

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  3. Oh!

    What's your favourite book?

    My favorite book(s) are the Chronicles of Narnia collection, specifically The Horse and His Boy. I just think they're really well written and I like the themes that the book explores.
  4. Oh!

    What If You Woke Up And...

    I would be pink. what if you woke up and you were the last store you went to?
  5. Oh!

    Yuck Or Yum?

    yum! dr. pepper
  6. Oh!

    Favorite Music Artists?

    I really like Tyler Haley, or Tyler The Creator. He's gained some bad rep (fairly, as some of his songs are, uh, a little over the edge..) But his newly released stuff deserves a lot of attention and I respect him because he writes, produces, raps, and creates the instrumentals for most of his songs. He's just really good in general and there's not many people out there that are so musically inclined that it's only them that make their songs. (i don't really know how to word that haha)
  7. Oh!

    What are you listening to now?

    Right There- Ariana Grande
  8. Oh!

    Who do you have a crush on?

    i have a crush on a guy in real life, from my school, and i think he likes me back. (: it's a good feeling when it happens.
  9. me! haha i'm fourteen. i keep a small hippo on my bed with me, i guess for comfort. she looks like that except really used.
  10. Oh!

    Yuck Or Yum?

    yum! mint chocolate chip icecream?
  11. Oh!

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  12. Oh!

    What song is stuck in your head?

    The song in "Don't Hug Me I'm Scared". Green is not a creative colour.
  13. Oh!

    We can't stop ~ (song)

    I think the song is okay. It's catchy and although it's certainly not what I would typically listen to, if you're having a fun time and partying or whatever it's pretty good. However, the music video is atrocious. I think she tried to put on this hard, bad, adult, "i-can-do-what-i-want" persona and ended up making herself look like a tool. I'd chalk her behavior up to trying too hard to be seen as an adult and not Hannah Montana anymore but instead looking really immature. I wonder what Billy Ray's thinking lol.
  14. Oh!

    What's your current MAJOR pet peeve?

    I'm pretty sure this has been posted multiple times, but when smokers blow their smoke anywhere near my face. The smell disgusts me and I almost choke up every time I have to inhale your second-hand smoke. Please can't you just stop smoking while were in in front of a store? I have to enter through here, I have no other choice. I just don't understand why people can't wait to go home to do that. Oh also Taylor Swift and Pandas.
  15. Oh!

    Embarrassing moments! :o

    It was my first "relationship" that had reached a month, during 8th grade. Ahhh middle school. I was having a nice walk with my boyfriend after school had let out. Right next to our school is a plaza type thing with big brick pillars connected to the sidewalk to support the foundation, so we were talking and honestly I have no idea what happened and apparently I have no peripheral vision because right in the middle of a conversation about who-knows-what I ran into one of the [omitted] pillars. Yep. My head literally smacked it. Another time I was at church in around the 6th grade, and we were having a competition between teams where we participated in various physical challenges and whoever did it the fastest won. Well finally the "cool" group of girls in church wanted me to be on their team and I was really lame in 6th grader so of course I was all hyped and this was totally my chance to win them over so I could be cool too. Nope. I was picked to do the last part of the race (Well actually I chose it so that just makes it worse) and at this point my team was winning by a longshot. It was finally my turn and my job was to climb the playground equiptment except I wasn't allowed to touch any black parts (so I could only use the colored sides and slides and stuff) Well, everyone was pretty much climbing it like some kind of ape except for me. I guess it didn't occour to me until this point that I had a hurt (probably just fractured idk) ankle. Yeah.. um so I awkwardly failed and the rest of my team was mad at me like I accidentally lost them some kind of title. I even said "Hey it's alright guys no big deal" and another one of the snottier girls replied, "No it's not." I was to shy and embarrassed to even tell them why I failed so much. I like to pretend I just made that up. Malfoy Edit: Mind the language, please.