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  2. @Runner- Glad you like it. ;w; <3 @Jadeie - Yours is almost done, I finished the lineart now all I need to do is color it. @SugaryGoesRAWR - Do you want a full body picture, or just down to her waist? @tama v9 - I'll get started on yours as soon as I finish Jadeies and Sugarys. @yattatchi425 - Anything you want them to be doing? Or should I make them just standing there? c: Uh, I won't be doing these on weekdays (mon-fri) so they might take longer to do. They will be done soon though~ c:
  3. Why thank you~

    I like both of your pictures too.

    You're really pretty~ C:

  4. Age: Unknown Name: xx_Mistaken.Life, call me Mist. Likes: Hetalia, Durarara, TinierMe, drawing, HomeStuck, Pokemon, Vocaloid, food. Dislikes: Twilight, Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus, and anything else overrated. Personality: Awesome. What I expect: LOL idk someone a little like me? ;w;
  5. loldoublepostbutwhatever Runner I finished your Touhou drawing~ I hope I did the hair right. It's kinda 'chibish', but not at the same time. And she's doing the peace sign btw. LOL If you want me to edit anything PM me. c: The code for it~ http://i1109.photobucket.com/albums/h431/MadHatter-ChikaChan/touhou2-1.jpg I edited her hat cause I did it wrong. owo
  6. @Mew: Glad you like it~ ;v; <3 @Jadeie: Oh my, that's going to be a hard one. I'll get on it as soon as I finish Runners drawing~ c: Oh and lineart means the sketch on the picture. For example this picture doesn't have any lineart and this does~ @Runner: I've almost finished yours~
  7. Lineart means the sketch on the picture. For example this picture doesn't have any lineart andthis does~ @-EbilKitteh-: Thanks <3 ;v; @Mew: Thank you~ ;v; <3 I've already started it, it should be done soon~ FINISHED IT. <3 The code for it~ [img=http://i1109.photobucket.com/albums/h431/MadHatter-ChikaChan/mewchibi2.jpg] @Runner: I'll start yours as soon as I finish Mews Mew~
  8. hurhur. istoleyourtopicmew. ;w;/ I decided to do this since everybody else was doing it. some examples of my drawings: this, didn't color it 'cause I was lazy. -shot- ;u; made for someone on TinierMe ignore the ugliness of this one, it was supposed to be my TM character at the time being bored + being in a drawing mood = this f.a.g stands for fun, awesome, group. just sayin' oh and whoever can find out where those weird characters are from, you're amazing. i colored them differently from what they were supposed to look like. the form: [b]With or Without Lineart: Character(s) You Want: Background: Chibi or Full-Size: Avatar, Banner, or Just Normal: Other:[/b] other stuff: Chibis take about a day to draw. Full-sized body image, take about a week. My backgrounds won't be anything fancy, only solid colours, stars, etc. ;v;
  9. -gives the highest of fives-


  10. Have you done the offers? ;u;

    They actually work but I would make a new email for them cause they send out spam mail.

    ididallofthemsonowimpoor. |D

  11. Yay

    How is it? I'm really excited about the new Durarara!! gacha. ;u;

  12. ^ IS CORRECT. :U < o3o v HURRY. YOU MUST ESCAPE. <O<
  13. I would stand there and cry, because I know it's just a lie. OMFG. READ THAT AMAZING RHYME. I'm so proud of myself. ; v ; WWYD if I trolled you? :U