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  1. Happy Easter! :D

    (\(\ ♫ ♪

    (=' :')


  2. Hi I am PIe I had a baby called Canice becouse the alphabet must go on lol I dont have a fun fact at the moment but i will leave tomorrow so bye Tama Talkers!!!
  3. DOne lol you cant change or take off my dare i dare you to make your siggy in cool colours and 7 size TAMASTAR* IS THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Feb 14 Ok today is valentines day and one saturday where having a dance at my school and the boys has to ask the girls out so i was just getting things out of my locker and close it when i see KuraMametchi and he asked me out well not what i expected but i am still happy oh and I said yes
  5. done whew i dare you to txt email say to everyone you no exept for you saying IT'S ON AT MY HOUSE!
  6. I'm dying of sickness Called No purple desise and that is when you didnt write in purle or something I am dieing! someone who is dying
  7. Hey it's me Carina i am the Makikio I guess i changed into her cuz she was nice to me Fun Fact did you no that your fingers turn wrinkly in the water is cuz your finger oborbs the water
  8. your banned for banning yourself
  9. oh what the white thing it might be a cloud i wanna see what it tasteds like"licks) that wasnt a cloud!
  10. Oh yum Coke *drinks* *explodes* ahh i died
  11. Jan 10 last night i had the worst dream ever i actully liked Memetchi like i would like her I hate her HTE HER
  12. omg she just got everything I wanted in my life i hate her now