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  1. I'm currently running the app, and it's surprisingly decent It's nostalgic of the original Tamagotchi version, but with neat added features for customization and easy resetting. While I do have a soft spot for my Tama eggs, this app is a clever way to convert more people into Tamagotchi fans.
  2. I've said this quite often, and I'll repeat it...yet again. Sometimes, no matter what you do, the evolution will be completely random. There's nothing you can do about random evolutions; they happen sometimes and you just have to deal with it (the Tama-Go is weird that way.)
  3. I've started playing with my ID Ls again, and I'm bidding on a Tamagotchi P's so I decided to pop back in and check on this site :) I know I haven't in a long while...

    1. =^.^=


      doesn't zach follow u

    2. Sakuranboy


      Yep! Zach and I are good friends and keep in contact with each other :)

  4. Yeah, sorry, I had a fangasmic moment Looking back on that post now makes me realize that I sounded kind of rude xP
  5. Yay, a fellow Sayaka fan! **high-fives** And I know what you mean about Mami and Charlotte xD I DO, however, ship Homura X Madoka; they're just too cute together x3
  6. If you read the comments near the beginning, you'll see in bright red and big letters that I outlined what the variables involved were specifically. Please don't jump to conclusions.
  7. Gah, I'm officially a college student now?! **flails**

    1. Zachary Konreignes

      Zachary Konreignes

      i'm officially a high school student now **flails**

    2. ichiro.malfoy


      College will be fun. Enjoy! :)

  8. Puella Magi Madoka my number 1 favorite anime (I've seen it all the way through 3 times already.) Best anime story ever, hands down. Anyone who disagrees has either not watched PMMM or has no taste in anime. Sayaka is definitely my favorite, as I can relate to her in MANY ways. Her personal story was also the most detailed and interesting of the girls; that is, besides Homura of course. Have you watched the anime all the way through, yet? Because if you haven't, then that would explain what you don't get about Homura's immense popularity. She is actually an amazing character.
  9. I'm sorry, but Lovelitchi's the biggest Mary Sue out there -_- Her popularity bothers me...

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    2. DJYellow22


      The anime gives her quite a few flaws ya know. Try watching it :)

    3. Kadin


      True, true.

    4. Rainbow Dash