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  1. ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

  2. From the How to be a Good RPer part 2 - "3. LONG HAIR Avoid having overly long hair, since I have never seen anyone with hair long enough to sit on. It doesn't really look sexy if someone can sit on their own hair, it actually looks ridiculous."

    1. Eternal Mametchi Fan

      Eternal Mametchi Fan

      Well EXCUUUUUUUSE me! >:(




  3. I get the same thing with TicTax and Oranda, like they are still hating on me, but they usually say "hi" and I ignore them.

    1. Orandatchi
    2. ChamametchiandMametchi


      You're being rude, too, ya know. TicTax likes me now.

  4. chat is so funny, every time I go in there i either get "..." or anger or nothing, sure is funny! lolol :)))

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    2. Ribonitchi


      okay, to whoever your talking about it's fine not to like someone on tamatalk i just don't think you should point it out or comment,send stuff just ignore them thats the easiest way to get yourself away from someone


    3. StelSolari


      Oh dear, are you all quarreling? Get along, kiddos. After all, this is supposed to be a friendly site, and we shouldn't be talking about who's supposed to be "hated," regardless.

    4. Ribonitchi


      its not a quarrel don't worry, or to me it isn't i just want to let her know that she shouldn't point it out just a suggestion

      i like everyone here, to me i think everyone it my friend since we all like tamagotchi's and stuff

  5. I'm not really into Avicii, the only song I've heard (and like) is "Levels", I need to go listen to more though.
  6. @Everybody who wishes America had tama apps: Actually, it is possible to get Japanese apps onto iOS devices (Explained here: and there: ), it just involves creating a separate account on the Japanese iTunes store, and then downloading the app you want for free. although it depends as to whether the tamagotchi app is free or not, if it's not, then it's a no-go.
  7. Red Hot Chili Peppers, I love their stuff and I love their videos. This pic makes me laugh every time, because Anthony Kiedis (lead awesomer than even the likes of Chris Martin vocalist) is so awesome
  8. McDonalds stinks One order equals diabetes, trans fats, and calories in a bag Only cool thing about McDonalds is the humor that comes along with it
  9. So, TT, what are your favorite albums (Hopefully you know what an album is or else I'll cry) For me, my top five would look something like this: 1. I'm With You (Red Hot Chili Peppers) 2. X&Y (Coldplay) 3. Torches (Foster the People) 4. By the Way (Red Hot Chili Peppers) 5. Summer Girl (Smash Mouth)
  10. "Meet Me At The Corner" - Red Hot Chili Peppers
  11. I downloaded the demo for Rayman Origins today, and after playing one level, I'm unsure as to whether I'm going to try to play again. The graphics weren't really that good, I didn't understand why Rayman is so tiny that he's a little hard to see as a direct result. I also felt that the colors kinda blended in, so it was hard to tell where your enemies were. After I finished the demo, I ended up going off to play my MG demo instead. But I guess since it's not the actual game, I can't really judge Rayman. Generally though, I don't enjoy platformers, which might be part of the reason I didn't like the demo.
  12. We Are Young, Cake by Rihanna, and anything at all by One Direction. what I do whenever I hear 1D sing or the fangirls squeal
  13. Even though it was only 20 seconds, cool video! I loved the music, it was all bubbly and awesome Oh, and