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    Konnichiwa! I'm Lucky. I am not new to TamaTalk, I have had a previous account for 4 years. I love Tamagotchis, (I own 26 and plenty of merchandise) I also love the anime Lucky Star (obviously), and the anime The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi. Tsukasa is my favourite character. I also own a headband just like the one she has except it's blue (school colours).

    Hope to see you round!

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    The V4.5!
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    Kuchipatchi! He looks like a little froggie! and Mametchi, he's so adorable with his huge eyes!
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    TamaGo, and I'm just about to start my new TamaWalkie!
  1. @nadoosh That is Tsukasa from Lucky Star, behind her is her twin sister Kagami, and that bit of blue hair you see in the corner is Konata. :3

    @LuckyStarChan Wow! We're a lot alike! My favorite tama is v4.5, my favorite character is Kutchipatchi, and I love Lucky Star too! Though my favorite characters are Konata and Yutaka. And were did you get that headband?! Awesome...

  2. ummmmm,,, can i please know what is the name of the girl you have at your bachground?

    thanks ;)

  3. SO I HER U LIKE LUCKY STAR? well i do to =w=.

  4. I like Lucky Star and the.. melancholy.. thing. That's a pain in the backside to write! Too bad Lucky Star only has 24 episodes, it was awesome. Do you watch Vampire Knight? That's another good one too.

  5. It's said to be a Clover- but I know someome created a Clover on Tama-Zone- but it reportedly never got made. Is this real?
  6. Waaaaahh! School tomorrow! Can anyone give me hints on how to make a good impression?

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    2. ShutUpAndSmile


      Yes I agree with this too. :3

    3. LuckyStarChan
    4. MemetchixStar


      thats kinda what you should do but i'm back too tamatalk i'm so excited.

  7. I would pause them or put them to sleep, and when you have finished your chores, study and homework, and everything else, take them out of sleep and play to your hearts content. Or, bedtime. It gives you a nice incentive to do your work.
  8. Yeah. It's like the V5, it doesn't matter about the care, the training points matter the most.
  9. WOOOOW! That's amazing!!!!! I love it, I might just have to do it!
  10. Can someone please tell me how to set a background in my account? I'm lost.

    1. Tama_dude2010


      look for edit my profile on your profile and look for it in there. :)

    2. phnx0313


      Click on the Right side where it says Settings > Profile options. Click "Profile customization" should be on the left hand (last one in list). ~Phnx

  11. Hey MemetchixStar, thanks for commenting!

  12. It always just looked like an attention sign to me XD
  13. Better care, more time as an adult. Your violetchi is a good care character, so it will be ages till it evolves.