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  1. hi merry christmas ^o^

  2. Oh Im back again and I have my Tamagotchi next to me.And Im feeding it 5 meals and 5 snacks.And know its going to the store ok I bought it some food and thats all.=3LOL

  3. Ok I just finished tiping my new log =3

  4. Ok she is'nt hungry it's mimitchi I am playing the food game on my music star i'm also about to play sound block she just got a ok. So yeah i'm about to go after I tell you tama fans how I did on sound block. Ok it said I did good so bye all of you tama fans. so bye.
  5. i love tamagotchies =3=3=3=3

  6. I have mimitchi it's a girl her name is Jelly 4 years old 25 lb stress 41 she is happy she's been playing alot of music too I heard it she's just 4 so she's kinda dumb but i really love her a lot thats all bye tama hatch fans.
  7. I like how tamagotchies came out that's good they did;DDD

  8. I like how tamagotchies came out that's good they did.

    1. MemetchixStar


      I love tamagotchies so so so much=] ;D XD

  9. It just ate 5 meals 5 snacks and it was playing with its stuffed animal and it was playing sound block.I also connected with my friend my friend also has lots of them. Then i went to the store and got jeans for my tamagotchi I put them on him then he started dancing in them.Know my tamagotchi is playing music he is singing.Thats all I have for today bye tama fans see you next time when I chat to you or when I make another topic bye.
  10. ii'm excited too be back at tama talk thankyou all

  11. thankyou all i'm nice to be back

    1. MemetchixStar


      I like it at tamatalk

    2. MemetchixStar


      I just made another post i'll be listening too ur's .

  12. Sorry for not getting on in a while but my tamagotchi just ate and he was playing with his toy and in a second Imy put him too sleep.And he's doing fine and yesturday he got sick a little but I gave him medicine and he starting to get older.And that's all I have for today so bye tama fans.