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  1. ^^^ Agreed. This topic isn't bad, thus it should not be closed. I understand that people don't want the codes spilled out like the MS codes, but SHEESH; don't get so fussy about it! It makes me think your selfish and that you only want the codes for yourself and it makes you "cool" on MC. It's just a game, peeps! Settle down! Besides, more than half you people that have all or most of the codes and are saying "Don't share them" got them from somebody else; you didn't physically buy your own Tama-Go and obtain the codes from it. So I wouldn't be talking. >.< I also understand that some of you are just saying don't share the codes publicly, but still; I think of you as selfish. Why shouldn't everyone be able to log-in as their favorite Tama-Go tama, huh? And again, I'm mostly directing this to people who didn't obtain all their codes from the Tama-Go and are saying "Don't share the codes!" It just really bothers me how those people are saying not to share them; it's not like they got any of the codes themselves from their toy! Man, this just makes me want to blurt every single one out... sheesh. *sigh*
  2. The topic won't be closed just because of this. >.< Sorry to say, but it's the truth. Also, why should they stop? They're allowed to post codes, it isn't against the rules. >.<
  3. Well, I've worked on many sites for online games, and normally their (the staff's) top priority is to catch hackers. They really don't care for people swearing at others; that's the least of their problems. And especially for TamaTown, it's really easy to hack into, even a child could do it (which they have). So they're obviously still working on that issue. Again, swearing is the least of their problems.
  4. LOL, love the Kirby pic. ^^

  5. Happy Easter! :D

    (\(\ ♫ ♪

    (=' :')


  6. Yeah, I saw Nazotchi on Mc and I was like, "What?!" I tried the Music Star codes for Spot, Mocha, and Nazotchi, but they still don't work. Could this person have cracked a new code? @Rosette, I highly doubt that they just logged in and *Poof!* they became a Nazotchi. A Nazotchi requires a code. Also, you can clearly see the person's ID. It's not invisible.
  7. It's not OB. x.x He's my friend and he'd tell me the truth. So don't go accusing him. >.< I told you, Kapteeni, he doesn't even go on MC, AND he gave the OK account to someone else. It might be that person, but certainly not OB. I'll look into it...
  8. Are you REALLY 98...?

  9. @SailorRosette, Being on a different server can't help the slightest. >.< Sorry to hear you got hacked, Kapteeni & Dazzilitchi... I wish there was something I could do to help.
  10. This won't work. Someone WILL take the items on the account OR just delete it. TT members have tried this before and it was an epic fail.
  11. All you have to do is log-in with a Tama-Go code, go to the Pet Shop, and just click to buy which ever pet you'd like.
  12. But I'm right, aren't I? You can use the gen. to get Destiny Stars...? -that is, if it works- and BTW, It's a figure of speech. >.<