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  1. Hello, Jazzijk! Did you hatch anything for August 15th?

  2. Hi everyone, I'm gonna keep this one short! I've been a little busy lately, so sorry about not updating yesterday. I got my v3 in the mail and I'm very excited to run it in the back to school hatch. Mark grew up into a Mametchi! I'm not on my normal computer, so please excuse the LARGE photo. I was able to figure out that his favorite food is Chicken Pie! Like other non-color tamas, he comes up to the screen and does a happy animation. Unfortunately it was my last Chicken Pie and I was in my car about to go to work, so I don't have a picture. Sorry! Since I've had him for about a day and I figured out his favorite food, I decided it was time to marry him off and begin our next generation (even though now that I'm looking back on it, I wish I had kept him a few more days). He married a Pianitchi and they had a little Pinkbotchi together!! Now all three of them are having a good time together. See everyone next update!
  3. Note to future me: This post has all the things Turtletchi has eaten as of 7/8/2018, when he evolved! Off topic, but my roommate seemed very interested in my little tama collection, so I lent her my 15th anniversary iD L. She has a UFOtchi, and I see great things in their future. I told her if she gets through her first generation, I'll turn on my P's and play with her. Maybe I'll update that here too! Last night, Turtletchi fell asleep around 7PM. Today Mark grew into a Cosmotchi, which was exactly what I was hoping for. My partner was disappointed, though; when I showed them the possibilities for Mark’s future, they loved and deeply connected to Bokuhoshitchi. I’m aiming for a perfect care tama, but there will be another time! I decided to start an item list here (link), so please click there! In the log itself I will be detailing what items specific tamas have eaten so that I can successfully figure out what everyone likes. In the time mark was a Turtletchi, he ate (including the above post): Meals: Baguette Baked Potato Cereal Chicken Pie Clam Chowder Fried Chicken Fries Hot Dog Meat Pie Mega Pizza Pasta Salad Sandwich Sausage Scone Soup Sushi Taco Snacks: Banana Cheesecake Chocolate Cotton Candy Crepe Cupcake Donuts Grapes Ice Cream Juice Lollipop Macaroon Melon Orange Pancake Popcorn Waffle I learned that the max stack for food is 3, so if you buy food that you already have, it resets the stack. I bought 30 of the Tamamori items and unlocked a new game, Cake Catch! Cosmotchi was awake when I woke up around 8AM. Here’s what I fed him: Meals: Cereal Baguette Fries Hot Dog Salad Sandwich Snacks: Apple Pie Banana Cheesecake Chocolate Cotton Candy Crepe Cupcake Donut Grapes Ice Cream Juice Lollipop Macaroon Melon Orange Pancake Popcorn Waffle If Mark had a personality, I would say he’s a very bright student with a love for food (which is why he eats so dang much!!) I decided to enroll him in Robotics classes. I immediately failed my first try, but I believe you have to dodge the bars that come down onto your little space ship. This game is so adorable and fits Cosmotchi really well, so I'm going to go play it a lot! Before I go though, here's a picture of Mark as we know him today. Bye!
  4. Hi, welcome to my Dream Town log! This log is exclusively for the Tamagotchi Friends: Dream Town. I haven’t seen a lot of information surrounding this version of Tamagotchi, especially in comparison to what I’ve seen for older Tamagotchi. This is why I’ve taken on a new goal: figure out all the ins and outs of this Tamagotchi and get myself up to speed, along with everyone else! If you guys have any ideas on how to improve this log, please let me know. Here are the things I want to learn about the Tamagotchi Friends: Dream Town: Item List Shop Restock Times Character Food Likes & Dislikes Sleep/Wake Times Base Weights In addition, I’m aiming to collect all the characters in one go, without anyone dying or pausing in between. If I can accomplish this, I’d say it’s quite a feat! Thanks for joining me on this journey! I ordered my Dream Town on the 20th, and it came in a couple of days ago. I started my Tamagotchi last night while I was cooking dinner. I let my partner turn on the Tama for the first time and had them do most of the baby care. He was an Aokumotchi, which means a boy. I decided on the name Mark. After around an hour of caring for him, he turned into a Turtletchi. Unlike previous generations, I don’t think the Tama will refuse to play games if they’ve reached their minimum weight. The minimum weight for Turtletchi is 5lbs. We played a lot of games, and I bought the following food items at 8AM: Meal: Baguette Sausage Chicken Pie Fried Chicken Mega Pizza Snack: Macaroon Waffle Pancake Melon Cheesecake Afterwards, I treated Mark to a 10 course meal (I have a feeling he'll have a lot of these in his lifetime, the lucky guy!). No luck so far, unfortunately. Here he is! That's all for today, I'm off. Seeya tomorrow!
  5. Oh, I apologize, I didn't mean to try and take over the thread or anything C: I recently ordered a V3, so I'll play with that. If it doesn't get here on time I'll use my Dream Town!
  6. I'm interested in both a July and August hatch, if any of you were up for one or both.
  7. Sorry for not updating yesterday! It was my first day off in a while and I took any moment I could to rest. I had worked 40 hours in 4 days, which took a toll on my mental health - but once I recovered, we ordered pizza and sandwiches. They were all really delicious! Then, we watched Nausicaa, Valley Of the Wind. It’s a really great movie that I’d recommend to anyone! I decided to raise Gemma with a lot of spiritual points, but I did try to keep her points as even as possible. This is the first time I’ve run my v4.5 in a while, so I’m still trying to remember all the things I have to do. Anyway, she grew up into Ura Zukyutchi! She’s really cute! We played with some of the items I had bought her, like the ball and the hat. I didn’t get a picture, but while I was out shopping the Gotchi King came and gave us a treasure chest! We opened it, and a puff of smoke enveloped Gemma! She turned into Otokitchi and ran around in shock until she changed back to normal. That’s not a funny prank! Until next time!
  8. Happy 4th for the American TTers!! And happy Tuesday to everyone regardless!

  9. Hi everyone! Today I worked another 10 hour shift, so I didn't get to spend too much time with Gemma unfortunately. However, when I woke up this morning I was able to see her grow into a Zoritchi! She must've grown up to enjoy the heat - which is a blessing because the air conditioning at work is broken. It was really busy! Tomorrow's going to feel like my first /real/ day with Gemma, because I have the 4th of July (and the 5th) off. Tomorrow we're gonna eat pizza and watch Ghibli movies with our roommates and play some Final Fantasy XIV!! I'm so excited. I'll be updating shortly with some pictures I took! Thanks for reading!
  10. Hello everyone, and welcome to my brand new log! I used to be on this forum a lot more often, but life often has a way of getting ahead of me. I still have some of my old tamagotchi, but I had put them on the back burner while working through life. When I first made an account on here I was getting through high school - now I’m working through college to be a special education, and I have a beautiful girlfriend who I live with! I was thinking about Tamagotchi recently - I had my Osutchi, P’s, and v4.5 sitting on my dresser. After coming back to this forum and reading a bunch of logs, I felt inspired to write my own! I also spoke with a friend of mine who was quite into Tamas back in the day and we decided to start ours up together today! This is going to be my log to document my adventures. -- Because I wear a keychain and I work a busy job, I opted against starting up my P’s, and my girlfriend owns the Mesutchi to my Osutchi, and I don’t think she’s currently interested in running those with me. The rest of my tamas are packed up in a box somewhere, so I decided to start up my v4.5! I started it up at 8am, and in no time at all out popped a girl Tsubutchi. I named her Gemma! I forgot just how intensive raising a baby Tamagotchi is - it seemed like every time I looked away would be just the right time for her to poop on the floor. It wasn’t long before Gemma grew into a beautiful Tamatchi. It’s said that Tamatchi are cheerful but talkative, and are described as nosy chatterboxes. I worked 10 hours today, and you can bet Gemma, true to her nature, was very intrigued. Carrying plates to tables, making drinks, taking orders... I think before long she'll become an excellent speaker! I tried to shield her from the ruder customers who came in. Some people even asked about her! I even helped a customer find a place to purchase a Tamagotchi for herself, which I'm sure made Gemma's day. That's all for now!! Thanks for reading, if anyone's out there!
  11. I lent my girlfriend a tamagotchi and now I've started up one of mine again ahh it's so much fun

  12. Hey, hope you enjoy your birthday :)

  13. So I didn't realize how scratched up and used this EnTama I got from my friend (who got it off of eBay) was until I attempted to take pictures with it. The shell is nice enough but there are tons of tiny scratches on the screen. I'm a bit late to start up (I started around 9:50pm) because I was playing games with my family all day (including the tamagotchi wii game!) Anyway, I'll explain a little bit about the tama for those of you who have never seen one before/don't know the Japanese menus or what they mean. This is going to be a blind run - I've never run this tama to adulthood before. The last time I took the battery out of it, I had a Nikatchi (worst care female) but hopefully since it's november break I can get something better before heading back to my classes! I also apologize in advance for such huge pictures!! Anyway, I scrounged around my room and found a battery so I popped it into my tama. I forgot how high pitched the noise was compared to my iD L, which I've been running, so I was a bit surprised! Anyway, there's not much to report on today - being a baby and all (at 11:00pm even). He's a Mameotchi, meaning that he's from the intelligence family. Unlike on the english v4, where I believe things are measured by discipline, this only has three categories: style points, intelligence points, and kindness points. There are three games and each one grants different points. There are no new games to unlock but they're all really fun imo! The first one is a card flipping game, which appears to be up to chance. You have to get pairs and if you don't the game ends. The second is a game where you have to catch clothes onto the mannequin and avoid the falling poop. The last one (my personal favorite) is a game where you are hammering something and you have to get it just right or else it will break. Right now his points are: 10 kindness 1 intelligence 7 style That's all for now! Hopefully tomorrow I'll have found my camera so I won't have to take gross pics from my iPhone. (Once I finished typing this, he turned into a toddler and received a letter, but he fell asleep now so I'll have to look at it tomorrow). Until next time! x
  14. I hope the new Tamatown theme is just as jovial as past ones