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  1. Angelsky

    Tama-Go worth it?

    I'd recommend a Color/ID tama. Tamagos are huge, to play more games you have to insert figurines(which you have to buy). Sure, the ID/color is pricy, but if you save up, like I did, you can buy it in no time. Tamagos are pretty good, it's just that I find it hard to operate (the buttons are kinda hard to press, and like I said, the tamago is huge)
  2. The spot doesn't belong to you, so others are free to go on it. Why not just go on tamatown and actually play games and enjoy it? However, if you want to think the person is irritating your purposely, then it's fine, but there is no need to get worked up about it. If you really want to be alone, and have your own spot, why not go and find a server which is not as crowded?
  3. Nope, Google Chrome doesn't make much difference, either that or I have really bad internet. Have you cleared your cache yet? It might help, but I haven't tried it.
  4. I had to dump it when my exams came, now I don't feel like going back into it. Quite a shame, I spent a bunch of money on it... Maybe I'll get into it later on (and lol, I got distracted by Sims as well...)
  5. Angelsky

    Loging Tama-Go onto Tamatown HELP!?

    Can someone close this? It has been bumped...
  6. Well, I was too caught up with schoolwork and mid year exams, so I got back into them now, although my final exams are coming, since I need something to take off stress. Plus, when I was trying to study it was sort of getting to me. Also, for some reason I was getting bad care characters all the time so that was driving me a little nuts
  7. Angelsky


    There is always a chance you did not insert your figure properly, therefore the Tamago takes it as another figure. Please correct me if I am wrong.
  8. Angelsky

    Tama-Go Bunny?

    It's just an Easter bunny. You might have noticed that there are also things like Christmas trees and more, so don't freak out.
  9. You get a code for tamatown on your music star. At the page, you can pick whether you want to transfer money and the amount(if you want to transfer). Superdi, as far as I know, if you log in, you can take part in contests, buy things and, for the tamago, if you have a figurine on it, you can buy an item in Swirly Sweet City unique to that figurine itself. Please let me know if this is hard to understand.
  10. Angelsky

    TMGC+C shell colors - post yours!

    Here it is. The image is slightly small, sorry. I hope this has helped in your decision.
  11. Angelsky

    Disciplining the Tamago

    Well... If you see your tamago beeping, but it is not needing anything, and you see a ! over it's head, praise it. If you see it without the !, and it does not need anything, scold it. You can also discipline it by bringing to the toilet of you see him doing the poo poo dance(he has wiggle lines around him).
  12. Angelsky

    Familitchi not Growing?

    Different versions of Tamagotchis take different time periods to grow, so your Familitchi will take longer to grow(or shorter, depending) than your music star. ~Angelsky~
  13. Angelsky


    Actually, your Tama has to be 6 years(6 days). Literally. If you use the age increasing trick (the time change you mentioned) , your Tama will NOT have access to the dating place. You did it to wake your tama up, right? If so you are doing the trick. But not on purpose. To avoid this AND wake your tama up,press the button to the right if you want to wake your tama up. ~Angelsky~
  14. Angelsky

    Not Connecting!?!?

    Either there is a bad connection, or tamadot12 is right.
  15. Angelsky

    pokemon fans here!

    My uber fave game is soulsilver. Man, it is just soo cool! I like Mewtwo. My mom says it looks very bony. Mew is pretty cute too!