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  1. I think they are annoying! One day in Grade 3 some girl brought one to school and it kept beeping and booping through the whole class, so the teacher took it away from her and never brought it back. To this day that girl still doesn't have it.
  2. I used too, but I'm already on Webkinz and Club Penguin that I don't have time to play on all three. I don't remember what my username was, but I remember getting annoyed because I tried the mail chat thing (forgot the actual name of it, correct me if you must) and it said "Opps! You don't have permission to view this page. Parental consent is required to view certain pages on the website. " I think that popped up cause of my age at the time... ^^; It would probably let me on those pages now that I'm 14 and I was like 9 then.
  3. Hmm, looks a bit to small for my eyesight. But it looks nice... And Epoch is a company that makes most of the Hamtaro toys, including the US. My Bijou plush toy says "2002 Epoch" on it and it's American.
  4. As the name suggests, this is to post your weirdest dreams you ever had! If your wondering if I had one, well I did and that's the main reason why I made this post in the first place...Anyways I'll go on and tell you it. It was basically me dreaming about the 194th episode of Hamtaro being dubbed into English and being aired on CN. (Go on Google if you don't know what Hamtaro is, to understand this more) It was the correct voices and everything! o.o And I was in my room watching it on TV. Then I woke up and I was pretty disapointed...^^; So now that I told you mine, I would like to hear yours!!!
  5. I'm not interested in codes, but I play CP from time to time...but people tend to semi-cuss. >_< One time I caught someone saying "What the TELL was that for" which you probably know what that acutally means!
  6. Well I think it is. Basically there is no plot other than a random Tooth Fairy being your best friend or it looks like it is for little girls, but someone at my school plays it...IN HIGH SCHOOL! <__< and I've seen several advertisment's for it already here on Tamatalk. What do you think about it? o.o
  7. In Theater: Oz The Great and Powerful (ALMOST went to see Madoka Magica Part 1, but I know my dad would hate sitting through something like that!!!) On DVD: It's been awhile since I've watched a movie on DVD, dispite that I have a billion movies in my room lol
  8. lol, They have this in a closet in one of my classrooms. It annoys and scares everyone!
  9. Hello!!!!! Today my cousin's babysitter at my house installed "Insight" on one of the computer's at my house (and plans to do it on all of them). For those who don't know, Insight is a program from Faronics that is normally used in school's, but now I guess it can be used outside schools. In schools, the teacher is able to control the students computer. For example: If someone was watching or looking at something inappropriate, the teacher would then "blank" the student's screen that display's a blue screen with white text saying "Eye's on the teacher, please...." This is the same case with me and my cousin at home. We've already had our screen blanked 4 times today, and that ticks both of us off! The computer that has Insight installed has Windows XP: Home on it, so we're both on my mom's Windows 7 laptop now has doesn't have Insight installed on it. Anyway, I want to hear if anyone know about this, or just can tell me anything. I have been searching the web a bit and couldn't find anything. Any help is appreciated and if someone have a solution, I would be very happy!
  10. Sick...=_= My little cousin is over at my house so his babysitter is also over...Great!!! (not)

  11. lol Family Guy isn't an anime...and MLP: FiM isn't either! Oh well, guess you posted in the wrong place. Anyways, here's my list: WitchBlade Pokemon (1st season-D/P only) Sailor Moon (sometimes) Hamtaro Death Note
  12. Well no school for me, the road's where I live at are really crappy, yet the schools are open. But I'm not taking the risk so I'm staying where I am!

  13. 494 (I mainly use Firefox but I use IE for private stuff)
  14. My school is actually nice compared to the other posts, but I hate my subsitute teacher sooo much. She boots everyone into another classroom at lunch for no apperant reason and it's really crowded, and if your on a site like (even during free time!) she either blanks your screen or repeatedly sends you pop ups telling you in all caps "GET OFF THAT SITE, NOW!" I wish my nice teacher would come back *sigh* Anyways, back on topic. On Thursday, all of us had this meeting on how to handle stress during exams but one problem...I don't do exams! So it's kinda a waste of time for those who aren't coming or participating on exam days. They say I don't do exams because I'm on something called a IPP program in case you where wondering. And besides my sub teacher, nobody is mean to me (of my knowledge) and at lunch I tend to avoid walking in the halls due to a risk of me getting beaten up or something in that case, and there's this kid in my class who smokes and he's my age! And they let him just get up and wander the halls without question.
  15. This laptop is Windows 7 Home Premium My Mom's computer isn't a laptop but she still uses Windows XP...when support for it ends idk what she will do...?
  16. Me and a friend crashed those Barbie Jeeps that you drive into a ditch at Daycare. Well the teacher got mad at us and we got sent home early xD But it was kinda our fault though, we were driving WAY too fast.
  17. UPDATE: Well, my regular teacher didn't come back, so I'm stuck with that witch We don't know when my regular teacher will come back, I hope it's Monday! The teacher has treated me worse, we used to be allowed to stay inside our regular classroom during lunch, but for no reason Ms White (that's her name) booted us all into the room where the "lower-functioning" students are at Lunch. Know what this means? I can't see my best friend anymore! My Mom sent a e-mail to Ms White already but I'm still getting booted into that class every lunch. And it's not like I can roam the halls alone cause I'm afraid of getting beaten up or something like that. Ughhh!!!!
  18. avatar: Finn signature: a small rant on how much I hate JD tamas, plus a Pikachu. I'll probably change it later... =_=''
  19. We use a artifical tree that we've had for the past 6 years. xD We perfer artifical because I hate the smell of the real trees, plus to much needles that come from the real one, my cat could eat one that fell off and she might get sick from that.
  20. I played this for a while, but one thing I find is that it looks kinda like Farmville.
  21. Earthworm Jim flying by using his head like a helicopter. Mcdonalds or Burger King?
  22. I hate chicken nuggets from Mcdonalds because they are icky and are full of Nasty chemicals. Sometimes they undercook them!