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  1. I have Harvest Moon: Another wonderful life and Harvest Moon: Magical Melody. Haven't played much of Magical Melody mainly because you play as a boy. (and I'm a girl) Though I hate it when the animal's die.
  2. Ah yes, The Sims! I have The Sims 1 for Gamecube and The Sims 3 for 3DS. On the Gamecube version I'm stuck on Story mode. On the 3DS version....well I'm just getting started with everything. The real weirdness comes when I play on my cousins Sims 2. Why? Well here's a couple reasons... 1. I have a family where 2 sister's fight all the time, I think it's the Pleasent family. Anyways when they fight it doesn't show the usual dust cloud, so they all look like their having a fit! 2. Because my cousin's have a lot of modded content, it tends to glitch up a couple times. There was this one cheat where they got rid of The Grim Reaper, The Social Worker, and a cashier. (If your wondering where they got a cashier, it's from the Open For Business expansion) 3. A freaky thing happened last year where my kid (named Finn) was being taken care of by a nanny, then all of the sudden she started swinging Finn like a nunchuck! o_O This WTF thing happened for 30 seconds then she put Finn down on the floor and went to sleep. Well, after that incident happened I made the parent's fire the devil woman. But I don't think it was really her fault, it must have been due to all the mods and a cheat went bonkers.
  3. Look at this crappy V5 ripoff my friend bought off from...*drumroll* JD!!! (yet again) Yes, the image is a bit big, but it gets on my nerves when someone thinks they have a real tamagotchi when really it's a fake JD. My friend recieved this two days ago and from what I've seen it's very odd. First, the tamas in the family don't move around like actual Tamagotchi's do, they all move around like a screensaver. Second, the games tend to glitch up a lot and 2 games are rendered unplayable. And finally, a lesson for all of you! DO NOT go on EVER! Most of the tama related stuff is all fakes and other stuff (like pokemon games) are all bootleg!
  4. A alien?,661,0,360-Slider-characters.jpg
  5. People who chew loudly or make gross noises while eating. This is probably my #1! People who yell at others a lot (like my grade 8 french teacher) Webdings font just because it makes no sense whatsoever. When our Vista laptop freezes, but my mom ordered Windows 7 so we will not have this problem. (I'm using our XP computer right now)
  6. A person???
  7. It's a bit big, but OK?!?! o.o'' Google: finn
  8. 5/10 OK I guess. Mine's probably gonna get a bad rating lol
  9. Here's my complete list! Spongebob Squarepants (SOME episodes, not all) just because they have gotten really gross and disturbing. One episode had Squidward's toenail ripped off and you could see some blood. o_O Barney, Family Guy mostly because they make fun of very sensitive topics. Robot Chicken, most of Cartoon Network's programming (except Hamtaro, Powerpuff Girls and Adventure Time) Camp Lazlo because THEY REPLACED HAMTARO!!!!! and most recently, Arthur because they changed their animation style to crappy CGI! :angry: not to mention they now move in weird rubbery ways. So here is my question... What shows do you hate? Post away!
  10. I don't have one, but I've seen videos of it. It seems cool (and A LOT less freakier than the big Furby's from 2005) but all of them sound like The Sims, which is really funny!
  11. I have a song stuck in my head, it's called "Lovin in the sunlight, lovin in the moonlight" and it's from Spongebob >.

  12. The song that plays in the first Spongebob episode when he's making the patties, I think it's called "Living in the sunlight, lovin in the moonlight" and it's getting pretty annoying since it's been stuck in my head for 2 hours. >.<
  14. Well let's see... My elementry school was really fun. It wasn't a huge school But in Grade 4 I broke my arm and when I broke it the lunch monitors didn't do anything about it even though I screamed at the top of my lungs, and also when I had my cast on I dropped all my Cheerios and the fat lunch supervisor yelled at me to pick it up, and my friends said "She doesn't need to pick it all up by herself!" but the lady just said "She can handle it. She's not dumb, you know." and I was in pain from bending my arm a bit. But those where the only 2 bad things that happened in elementry. Middle School was like a prison in Grade 6 and 8. In Grade 6 I had a Math teacher who stole my Pokewalker from my pocket and wouldn't give it back, plus she would yell at us even if we whispered. But Grade 8 was BAD. We had a couple class clowns who wouldn't shut their mouths and was kicked out of the class often, and 2 teachers had a very bad temper. Our Science teacher on the 4th day suddenly got out of her seat and yelled "OK! THAT'S IT! YOU THREE GO TO THE OFFICE NOW!" and she stormed out of the room, a couple minutes later she came back and gave us a little speech and in her speech she called them stupid and idiots. Which to me is really harsh since the clowns have smartened up now. And our French Teacher would basically yell like a drill instructor would. It was so bad that I skipped French althogether. And now Im in high school, it's way better than Middle School, that's for sure. But there is a lot of foul mouthed people and people who smoke. (they are allowed to smoke on school property but away from where most people go) and this school is kinda old, it was build in 1958! o_o But the only thing I have to complain about is my homeroom. First off, it's a room where speical needs kids go, but are higher functioning. Well, one person in my class likes to hit other people and I've gotten 2 bruises already! And I feel that they are labeling me as "dumb" because I'm in that class. Sure it's exclusive for more higher functioning people, but still.
  15. 3 pet ducks. Would you rather get Pikachu or a baby?
  16. has anyone heard of chatablanca before? it keeps on logging me off and appearently people say that hackers got in...

  17. This is what Cartman does when he is relaxing or napping.

    © SouthParkPikachu

  18. Shiny: Tentacool Game: Pokemon Soulsilver i still have my soulsilver around someplace.
  19. Yes i agree with another user, you are really starting to annoy us. i was gone for 10 minutes and you already posted disgusting photos. You should give a warning before you post photos with blood in them on deviant art. you also make tons of deviant art accounts, we know its you everytime so whats the point of trying katie?

  20. yeah, i got shiteketchi because i have a v4.5
  21. One of my budges named Cartman is making a high pitched noise at my cat >.

  22. madi3 is right i like "Cartman" not "Cartmen" plus really you have a crush on that annoying whiny kid caillou???