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  1. screaming farting chocolate rain monster!
  2. sept. 23 hey ponytchi here! today was amazing! kuromametchi asked me out!!!!!!!!! bye!
  3. yes ok back 2 the story. mametchi and melodytchi hugged and kissed after the fight was over.
  4. ya i bought it from target! omg target is my life!

  5. but then he kept asking and i finally gave in and said yes.
  6. kutchipatchi secretly loved melodytchi
  7. Hello!I saw your status update about your new tama-go!is it the 2nd wave?if so did you buy it from Target?I'm planning on buying one soon :)

  8. yay a really cute guy asked me out!
  9. kissed melodytchi and asked her out. melodytchi said yes and then they kissed again.
  10. [occ: melodytchi is supposed to be mametchi's girlfriend.]
  11. apparently said memetchi.
  12. is so awesome and because i got a new tama go! now i have 2

  13. mattaritchi's entry today i evolved from a baby! bellthi's entry today i evolved from a baby!