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  1. Well I think this is the end of this log. It doesnt seem to be going anywhere and no one comments and I get no feed back. I'm not even sure if anyone is reading this . Oh well. thanks anyway. ~pixie~
  2. it looks like it could be a lotsa pet. ask mothra. at the very bottom of this page is a lotsa pet, they look exactly alike but diffrent colors. http://www.tamenagerie.com/Multipets2.html
  3. you know you can just get the guidebooks free online...
  4. shutupandsmile is wrong. Hobby link no longer sells ID's and TMGC+C. they no longer make those tamagotchis since the relese of the ID-L next month. ebay is the only place to get them. a color is around 65-70$ plus shipping, an ID is 80-110$ plus shipping. Go for the color. it is super simple and easy.
  5. The TMGC+C doesnt have a pause feature. Thats why people use the time thing becasue it is the only way to "pasue" it. also the tmgc+C can only connect with other colors and ID and 99.9% of people with the tmgc+c only have the one.
  6. Well the 3rd white one is def a v2 it is american, the other ones are australian/ uk so i dunno about those
  7. Ok so I mated maiditchi, sorry I didn't get any pics but I did get a bunch of pic of the new baby. Hes a cutie! glad its a boy, just what I wanted. The weather is oddly nice for being feb, so I got all the happy things super easy. I did cheat on the shooting star one but all the other ones I got without cheating. So here is a bunch of pics. I got kuribotchi as a toddler because its an odd generation, I dunno about you guys but he looks like a little tird to me. ~pixie~
  8. set the time if you can. ( doesnt have to be the right time) then take the batteries out for a minute then put new ones in. hope that works
  9. Ok so I needed to make this quick little update. Im just about to head to sleep its 2am but I took a quick peek at maditchi and noticed something super odd. You will see in the photos as proof I kid you not! but when I put her to bed she was only 3 years old. and when i did my quick peek she was 5 years old. wtc????? lol oh well. ~pixie~
  10. Well Ive gotten everything on the TMGC+C and has become boring and so has my log. I`m sorry! Last few days nothing happened with her. She turned into maiditchi yesterday. I might be able to mate her tonight. Hoping for a boy this time but it doesn`t matter.Her tree turned into an ageing box. I took off the screen protector thing this morning, man it sure does make it look all shiny and new! I so totally got my boyfriend addicted to my little pony friendship is magic! LOL anyway here are the stats and some pics. I`ll update again tomorrow! ~pixie~
  11. Well I wanted to take some pictures of my little girl being a toddler But it was pretty late. So when she changed into a toddler she went straight to sleep. I was hoping I could get a few pics and an update before she turned into a teen but my bf was out all day and I use his phone to take pictures. But here she is as a chamametchi. I really wanted Ichigotchi but I guess I took too good care of her . Well shes done nothing but eat and poop the last 24 hours, literally. I have maxed out the points so I find the games pointless now. I bought all the royal home renos too. sorry for such a crappy boring update! ~pixie~
  12. Well its time, After making 65520gp I decided it was time to mate my little kutchi <3. After Many lovely suitors a chose Memetchi. Together they had a beautiful baby.....GIRL!. Hope I get ichigotchi. I really don't have much to say it's really all in the many pictures I took! ~pixie~
  13. Happy day! I woke up this morning at there was puffy clouds outside so I got the last of the happy symbols I need. BOOYAH. Also kutchipatchi Can now have a baby. But i'm going to wait until I save a ton of money for the new baby ( hope its a girl). I can finally go to the gotchi castle so getting money will be super easy. This is a quick update. Once I get enough gotchi points I'll update again and I'll mate him and show you. ~pixie~
  14. This is just going to be a quick little update nothing fancy. My little young mametchi turned into a kuchipatchi this morning! Exactly who I wanted to get . Super cute. He rarely poops so I haven't been able to see him poop in his new bathroom. I renovated both his bathrooms. Both to "cool" to match his ugly living room. Each were 2000gp. The first one was a mistake I wanted to reno his shower room only but I clicked his poop room. oh well, Mine as well just get the cool kitchen so it all matches. His stats are all great. I little bit over weight. Well like I said this was only a quick update. Since this is just a quick little update i'll prolly update later tonight. It's only 1:30pm here. ~pixie~
  15. Well Young-Mametchi didn't turn into an adult today . Finally got the rainbow watering can. 2 more happy symbols to go, the heart cloud and the rainbow one. I can only get them on a cloud day but since its february it's still snowing it was raining yesterday. I renovated his room so its the cool one, I kinda like it. The temporary screen protector is starting to peel a little bit but on the plus side the little box i keep him in at night makes him smell like vanilla soap . This morning I got a cotten candy tree. I really want a tamagotchi ID.Also just a heads up instead of posting his stats i'll just post pictures of the stats! ~Pixie~