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  1. My favorite shell is:
  2. You could always just search up the .apk on Google, or whatever, and download it that way. No changing stores is involved! ^.^
  3. Should be getting ACNL today, much excite owo;

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    2. 2pVaporeon


      You should totally add me too! I have 3 copies, and can totally help you with anything you need!

      much acnl

      such excite


    3. bjman8


      Omg u have 3 copies ?! lol


    4. tabbytabtab


      Holy poop, I forgot about this! My FC is as follows: 3566 - 1957 - 4316

  4. tamagotchi friends website says november 23rd
  5. sound rather tedious, furbitchi. But at least its finally here
  6. Thanks TamaMum, I was going to put it in there but then I didn't think it would belong there either
  7. Pokemon bank has come to NA! FINALLY! And some random questions Are you going to get it? How long has it seemed of a wait for you? Are you excited? Did your region already have it? Thanks TamaMum for putting this in the right place
  8. As Ra said, it's a chemical reaction. Very tiny holes form in the plastic because of some chemical. That's why people like me with glasses have to take them off before putting on big spray. And, it is irreversible as far as I know