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  1. Happy Easter! :D

    (\(\ ♫ ♪

    (=' :')


  2. -gives the highest of fives-


  3. Age: 14 Name: foreveralone, but you can call me Sara. Likes: Music, Singing, Dancing, Drawing, Call Of Duty, Video Games, Anime, Harvest Moon, Pokemon, Animal Crossing, Tumblr, Hetalia and some other stuff. Dislikes: Blood, Dentists, Hospitals, Gore and some other stuff. Personality: Funny, hyper most of the time, I can be a bit of a troll, etc. What I expect: Someone at least 20% like me. Yeah. xD EDIT; Spelling fail.
  4. Got a new haircut!

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    2. foreveralone.x


      ITS SO SHORT. <3


      Well my hair was really long before and now it's a bit above my shoulders so yeah. xD



    3. superstar_128


      is that it in your profile picture?

      it looks pretty (:

    4. foreveralone.x


      Haha, yup. (:

      Thanks <3

  5. Awh, thanks! ;___; <3 TPAM has a really colourful avatar. xD
  6. I stumped him. c: On both Ciel and Grell from Black Butler. Edit: I also tried quite a few Hetalia characters and I stumped him on England. Surprisingly he got most of the other Hetalia characters I thought of.
  7. Haha. xD

    You should have seen the convo I had with myself.

    ohmygawdthatsoundsweird. |D