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    Connection V's 2, 3, 4, 4.5 and 5 (1 each)
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    Kuchipattchi, Yattattchi and Memetchi (I'm torn!!!! :()
  1. Starting my Tamagotchi blog today!

    1. Yamiko


      I can't wait!

    2. Pixel.Kitten


      Awesome, hope you have a blast writing it! :)

  2. Thanks to getting my financial aid refund at school and not buying anything for myself for awhile - I thought I'd work on my Tamagotchi collection a little bit, so now I'm waiting on: -Forest Tamagotchi (yellow) -Mothra Tamagotchi (white and green) -Angelgotchi (blue) -Gengintchi -Tamagotchi Osutchi Mesutchi (2pcs) I'm buying the Gengintchi and angelgotchi to "replace" my existing ones - they're my favorite ones of the Japanese versions that I've played, and they both have a stripped screw so I can't get the battery door off. So I'll just keep the old ones for show and play the new ones. Never owned a forest tamagotchi, mothra tamagotchi or the Osutchi Mesutchi - heard lots of great things about the Mothra and the Osutchi Mesutchi ones
  3. Ordered both a Mothra and a Forest tamagotchi! So excited for them to come in! Can't wait till next month when they get here! :)

    1. psychotama


      Those are both really fun! Hope you like them

    2. Luna_Solara


      @psychotama: Thank you! I intend to try them out as soon as they get here - particularly looking forward to the Mothra one! I think they'll fit in great with my other older Tamagotchis as well!

  4. I've never been able to get Takoten, I have zero luck in neglecting the Tamas to get characters lol
  5. I've played both the Angel app and the Japanese Angelgotchi and in both, the Maruten is always difficult and needy. Changing the clock on your phone may be a factor, but spoiling that little guy and checking on him constantly is a must, specifically for this character . Good luck with it
  6. I got my Ocean Tamagotchi and Tamagotchi Mini in the mail today!!! So excited :D

  7. Hi Nokotchi! We keep missing eachother on here! Lol

  8. Hi Nokotchi! We keep missing eachother on here! Lol

  9. Just ate some chicken from Bojangles for dinner and had a piece of chocolate cake covered in strawberries and glaze for dessert... I had to treat myself :D