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  1. Yes, I was gone since this year is a VERY important year for me. I live in Malaysia you see, and this year I'm sitting for my SPM (a major government exam), so I'm mainly studying most of my free time. However, I just so happened to check back today and am pleased to see you keeping this topic going. Thanks!! I hope I'm not too late (Its 12.09 PM here in Malaysia) P.S. Im not into baseball so I didn't know which LA baseball to use, so I just took 3 of them. Sorry if I'm too late or gave you the wrong ones! I may not be back here for a while, my SPM's in November but there are many trial exams before that.....
  2. Happy New Year!! Heres a faceplate i made to celebrate the occasion!! I hope 2012 treats you all very well!
  3. Done 3/6. I will refrain from using photos as they are somewhat hard to edit and crop into a faceplate. The Ke$ha one: The pokemon ones (thanks for using.png images, they make editing easier ) ^Orandatchi: I think he meant to ask for 6 faceplates, one using each of the pictures he specified. But don't take it too seriously, the faceplates you made are still nice.
  4. Just made a bow, the old-fasioned way!

    1. Ringotchi123


      Scrunch a rectangle shaped cloth and put a smaller rectangle around it?

  5. OK, here it is.....(using the v4 Tamatown) And I also redid ZuZu's christmas faceplate (looks better now, huh?): So until next time, Have a nice day!!
  6. You guys are lucky, the only Tamas sold here in Malaysia was the Tama-Go. Anything before that is unheard of in ANY toy store. The first tama that I got was a V2 brought over by my uncle-in-law from Japan (Never understood it, never will). However, about April this year MacDonalds was releaseing Tamagotchi Happy Meal Toys, so I don't think the Tama-Craze is over quite yet, as our local television network was showing it, abliet in a Bahasa Melayu dub. (TV3, Mondays at 9am for you Malaysians out there.)
  7. I use Microsoft Paint for most of my faceplates, but I also use PhotoImpression 4 and Painttool SAI from time to time. Yes ,yes you may.
  8. Do you mean like this? I wouldn't really need to BUY facplates coz I can just make them myself using the template I have provided on the first page.(reposting it here in case people just skip to this page.) So if anyone wants to contribute faceplates to this topic, go right on ahead. It's kinda boring to see only my own faceplates show up nowadays...
  9. It can be anything you want, you can already see that by the variety of faceplates all of us have contributed to this topic. Anyways, Tamagotchi is celebrating its 15th anniversary, so I thought it fit to make a faceplate for that occasion. So until next time, have a nice day!
  10. First it was Pokemon, now it is DIGIMON!!!! Agumon: Gabumon: Piyomon: Gomamon: Palmon: Tentomon: Patamon: And Tailmon/Gatomon: Thats all for this time, and if u want any faceplates made to your taste, just PM me and I'll see what I can do!
  11. Part 3 of POKE-MANIA! Pidgeot: Quagsire (Yes, he's drooling) : Sunkern: And finally, Roselia: And that's it from me this time, I'll make more faceplates later. Until then, Have a nice day!!
  12. POKE-MANIA part 2 Crawdaunt: Vibrava: Growlithe: Jolteon: Flareon: Wobbuffet (an annoying pain in the a**): I heard u liek Mudkip faceplate: Ditto: Torchic: Cap reached(again!!)
  13. POKEMANIA!! (Pokemon Faceplates!!) Starting of with no#001: Bulbasaur!: Charmander: Squirtle: Pikachu: Togepi: Jigglypuff: Wailord: Pic cap reached... Continuing next post!!
  14. Sorry for the long wait guys, I was having quite a case of artist's block until I got a (somewhat basic) suggestion from TanaCHAT!. POKEMON!!! Anyway, this first part will be the faceplates that I did before the suggestion. I.E, the ones not related to pokemon. A stickers one using the Tama Wiki Background: A faceplate of Kizunatchi (Using TamaStarGirl's Youtube backdrop): RuneScape: A Google one: Facebook (how many of you are addicted to this?): So next post, I begin Pokemania!!!
  15. Yay! My final year exams are over!! And here are the faceplates i have been working on Requests: Nightmare Moon(black unicorn): Voltaire(Riding a Black Unicorn Down the Side of an Erupting Volcano Whilst Drinking From a Chalice Filled With the Laughter of Small Children): And the 2012 Olympics: And now for the ones that came from my own ideas: Batons!(from the 4th Tamagotchi!! anime ending) Lovelitchi: Meloditchi: Moriritchi: And one of all three: Enjoy the faceplates and until next time, Have a nice day!