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  1. Hello good luck in tamatalk. Hope you have a nice time here. the aministartors are really nice so have fun!

  2. I know this is random but on the V5 Familitchi if i change the time does it effect growth?
  3. Are you a guy or a girl? (random question!)

  4. Srry to say but no it has to be a Violetchi marrying a Sukatchi
  5. My friend got kunoitchi and he was so freaked that he got a bad care character he restarted his tamago
  6. I want to make a Tama-go character favorite and i want to make things more recent so this is the first step for me.
  7. Just sayin': Don't talk about your topic views. It makes people not want to post/view.

  8. I just started my V4 and i wanted to know how long it takes for a child to a teen and a teen to an adult and how to get married.