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  1. It wants to marry yuurrr Why do bunny twitch their noses?
  2. o.0

    My pic hasn't changed either DDDD:

    *fixes it*

  3. NUUUU... i need to change that its been the same since the update ;o

  4. Fat WYR have a 1m tall Boyfriend or a 2m Husband?
  5. No no! *throws you in the dump* IM THE WINNER :D
  6. You know how to play. So start! Are you...a animal?
  7. Korean Vocaloid 3?! A korean vocaloid 3 on youtube! shes adorable and her voice is...OMG DDD:

    1. NintenNerd


      Yes, I'm waiting for her too.

    2. '/={3


      it looks like rima from shugo chara O_O

    3. Usira
  8. Your banned for having gorgeoussssss hair.