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  1. Happy Easter! :D

    (\(\ ♫ ♪

    (=' :')


  2. Awesome! Here are the recent results (Poll still carrying on): Mametchi vs Kuromametchi! EQUAL Memetchi vs Makiko! MEMETCHI Kuchipatchi vs Yattatchi! EQUAL Memetchi vs Flowertchi! FLOWERTCHI
  3. Which is better our of Mametchi and Kuromametchi? What about Memetchi and Makiko? What about Kuchipatchi and Yattatchi?
  4. Me too!!! I live in NZ as well, but I don't have a TamaGo
  5. I got my new second tama 4. Well, at least it said it was v4. But when I had it for only 1:05 hours, (or when it turned into a toddler) I noticed that it never was a version 4. When I searched up on google images, Tamagotchi v4.5 growth chart. It came up with the same toddler I've got, a star. On TamaTown, it works with v4 TamaTown rather than version 4.5. So can anyone help me? Is it a version 4 or is it v4.5. (ALL of my characters so far are v4.5 and I didn't get any v4 characters!!!
  6. Thank you very much!! You know what? My friend's now got a... BOXERTCHI! So close!
  7. To get Meme toddlers feed it, play with it, leave it.
  8. Ok, Mizutamatchi is kind of bad care because usually when I get Mizutamatchi's I just fill up the hearts and leave it. When i come back it's always a Mizutamatchi. Try good care, or excellent care.
  9. Cool project Binary! I really love it! My favorite tama v4.5 is kuchitamatchi even though its a toddy!
  10. Your Tama 4 can mate with someone by changing the time to 2:59am. Wait one minute
  11. Well you see, There is such thing as Kuchi characters. I've got a Pukatchi before by getting Mohitamatchi. Take average care of it. It doesn't really work for me either.
  12. Hello tamatalkers! I know this sounds easy but I'm still going to ask. When your version 4 tamagotchi is a baby, how do you raise the social points without playing jumping rope until it works because I've tried that and my points were; 1 = Intelligent 2 = Beauty 7 = Social Then my tama turned into a harutchi. Huh? And I'm not going to buy millions of banana, sandwiches, and corns either. Not enough points. Please help me. And how do you raise social points when it's a toddler?
  13. Hi there tamatalkers! My friend has a v4.5 tamagotchi as I have a v4. So I don't know how to get a UraKuchipatchi for her. Even though I have been playing for a while, Ive never played on a v4.5. So if you know please help us!!!