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  1. He emzz909, remember me?

  2. So I'll be goin' with 5. Thanks guys. May a guide please close this? *Edit: Closed - topic starter's request*
  3. So I will make 5 it, with a flashing neon colour. How about this?
  4. LOL! I sound so dramatic! Haha! Oh and sorry I didn't see that. Bye Emilson
  5. Yes I know that, it will be sad, but we are mature, as some member recalled, and we can move on.
  6. First of all, I would like to thank graficks for everything he has done to help TamaTalk. Thank you. I am on the new logo side. By having the hip, funky, colorful logo, TamaTalk would appeal to younger audiences, and may even get some older audiences, and, that is want we want, no? So by doing this, not only are we updating TamaTalk, but we are also helping it. I know you guys want to have the old one and you are used to it, but getting an update would make it easier to browse through TamaTalk. Well, yes, some people are used to this one and can browse very easily, but you will too get used to the new one if we update the site. Peace, ~Emilson
  7. Well, what can I say, it is almost as awesome as the amazingly awesome people below in my signature. And that's an acheivment. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL
  8. ...opens a taco and internet shop. What else do you need. Finally, he turned into Maysilee Donner from the Hunger Games and kills...
  9. Rips best friend's throat open like Enobaria from Catching Fire and then drops 13241389927356924107105145610485104985714510759487594837501947109380975019487501417058 Twilight Saga's on the person below me.
  10. Like me, the person above me has a really long signature.