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  1. my v2 has been born what do i call it out of paris zero trikx cleo or tokyo! help asap

  2. hey! two of my tama have died! one died yestyrday (ned) and my musicstar london! so please join the 10 januray hatch i am hosting so yeah! anyway how are your tamas! my tamagotchis hope they are well and you of couse well i started this new log yestuday? yeah yesturday and i have got 20 views so thank you to the people that have read it! so um cane and skull changed in to alduts tamagotchis so yeah i will post later! b-b-ye x
  3. hi! i started a new log because of the new year and i have 8 tamagotchis! but one lossed the screw but lets see who we have got: on my musicstar i have london the sebiretchi skull the oniontchi (she a girl) james the starfish kind of one angel the nikoatchi cane the teen starfish gazza the nikoatchi and ned the nikoahchi gtg now bye cu soon!
  4. on the tenth of janury there will be a group hatch. any vershion welcome. i will be doing it on my v3. form stockcross
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  8. i love sylvanian families.

  9. alexa is asleep in 3 mins she will wake up. she is now 1 years old. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzZzzzzzZZZZzZzZzzZzZz she just changed in to a ringogotchi an apple well she is still alseep. please can you visit my website or find me on youtube stockcross99 is my name. please pm e on what time an ringochi wakes up
  10. i am a mum of my tamagotchi! alexa is her name. i took her to school and put her on shhh and i played with her all the way though maths. i did not get told off though because it was today was sports day. alexa is a asleep peace out later
  11. saturday 2 july hatch plz can you join. its for all tama fans. there is one on tama talk at thank ya
  12. i could do it. i will check my planner. oh its on a monday ok. um i will try my hardst to do this hatch.
  13. i am so sorry for not updateing for a while. i can only do it on weekends. anyway please can you look at my website for tamagotchis. thanks nbjbnjbnbjgbg67