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  1. stary_fun

    The Person Above Me...

    TPAM is someone I don't know
  2. stary_fun

    Your collection

    I know this is random but are there ninjatown ninjas on your bed lamp or something!?
  3. stary_fun

    The Person Above Me...

    Tpam is what?
  4. stary_fun

    Stuck in an elevator

    vail,pail,hail... They all rhyme! Hey! let's play a rhyming game!
  5. stary_fun

    Word by word story!

  6. stary_fun

    Pokemon Fans!

    *removed - site rules: *
  7. stary_fun

    You're banned!

    Your banned cuz I'm sure it's you that like them and not her...
  8. stary_fun

    Once there was an explosion....

    Once though, it ate my mothers $1000000 vase....
  9. stary_fun

    First Word That Comes to Mind

  10. stary_fun

    Finish The Song

    ogah boogah was my answer... Can we do a different song? If we can Lemme pick one! I don't really ccaaaaaaaaaaaarree!
  11. Because Anoshca can! What will you do if tamatalk dissapeared?
  12. stary_fun

    What is The Avvie Above You Saying?

    Riku! I missed you! Me too! Sora! *pinch* ow! But why? I'm still on the dark side! Mwah haha Riku! Nooooo!
  13. stary_fun

    The vending machine!

    Out come herself... In goes popitty pop pop popitty!
  14. stary_fun

    Pokemon Fans!

    Oh! I forgot to add my details! well here ya go! 1.Veronica 2.Milotic 3.pokemon mystery dungeon red rescue 4.8 5.trainer 6.Osshawatt!
  15. stary_fun

    Pokemon Fans!

    Hey! I thought since lots of people (including me!) Like poke mon so hey! Why don't we talk about pokemon and pokemon and more pokemon! So, fill in the question thingy down below and woo hoo! (just put the number and the detail) 1.First name: 2. Favourite pokemon 3.Favourite pokemon Game 4. from a scale from 1-10, how much do you like pokemon? 5. When playing pokemon, do you describe yourself as a Fighter, Trainer, Healer, Capturer, Evolver, Exchanger or Breeder? 6.Tepig, Snivy or Osshawatt? Ta-da! Have fun! :3 TM Edit: references to a Club within TamaTalk removed (site rules). Please read carefully: Banned Topics and posts A Pokemon Discussion topic is fine so this has been left open - as long as it stays a friendly discussion topic there will be no problem.