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    Where to start? Tamagotchi's, Pokémon, Animals, KuchiPatchi's :lol: and Being Positive :)

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    I love all of my Tamagotchi's :)
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    Kuchipatchi :)
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    Currently running a v3 (from Jokus :D ), and a Tama-go :) (although I may start up my v4/v4.5 very soon)
  1. starting up firstvTama in over a year! :3 V3, 4 or 4.5 guys?

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    2. Pauly


      V4 for the same reason

    3. kuchitama001


      Hmm i might just do both, for ol' times sake ;)

    4. OrianaC
  2. ^ :o UraKuchipatchi is one of the characters ibhave been wanted for long, but the only Ura Tama i've really been getting is UraMametchi
  3. count me in-tchi! i hope to hatch my v4.5, v4 or Tama-Go
  4. apk. link: newapk.us/2013/08/tamagotchi-l-i-f-e-2-00-apk.html as its a free app anyway, using this is a lot fairer as people from all over should be able to download this, apso this gives people (such as myself) from the UK a chance to play as it is not released here... scroll to the bottom and click download (not from playstore the one that says: Tamgotchi l.i.f.e. 2.00)
  5. Started Tamagotchi L.i.f.e Hatch if anyone wants to join!

  6. Hey everyone! I thought it would be an awesome idea to start a Tamagotchi L.i.f.e. App hatch! The hatch will take place on Sunday the 15th of September 2013 and you can start at any tine of the day no matter what timezone you are in. I know many people (including myself) prefer to use actual Tamagotchi's, but as its a free app, a lot more people could participate to make things a whole lot more fun you can start either Gen 1 or Gen 2 hope you'll be able to join! -KT001
  7. Hey Tamatalk! I'm Back-tchi!

  8. Hapihapitchi birthday!

  9. i'm finally back! home sweet home :lol:

  10. Thank you so much sk1tt35, Purimatchi, daniinthetardis and ICHIGOTCHI_V6!!! I can't wait!
  11. Thank you so much Puffy Snivy! I know this is going to be lots of fun
  12. Hey Everybody! Well, as you may have guessed, this is an Easter Hatch! BUT, this is special... As you may know Easter occurs on Sunday the 31st of March this year, and it has not occured on this date since 2002, so I've decided we should celebrate the hatch occurs at any time during the day (to avoid confusion between timezones) and as this doesn't occur for some time, this gives plenty of people the opportunity to join I hope you will have fun and enjoy celebrating this special day with the hatching of your OWN little Easter Egg (or in this case, a "Tama-Egg" ) now, here are the rules : 1. This hatch is occurring on the 31st of march 2013 (just to clarify ) 2. You MAY carry on from an existing generation on your Tama (as long as it has a baby with it [although a fresh start is preferred ] ) 3. Any Tama will be allowed to join (I think it's fair to give all tama's a chance to celebrate easter ) 4. Pics are encouraged (though not compuslory ) 5. Please be respectful to all members at all times 6. And finally, have fun I look forward to seeing who joins Thank You