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  1. can't find tamago figures here in ph huhu

  2. Can't create a new tamatown account :(( heeeelp

    1. neonmoo


      tamatown has been down for a year no one can :(

    2. Anna W*a*l*y

      Anna W*a*l*y

      oh my celestia how many times has this been asked? its all over the forums. Tamatown is gone.

  3. nice naman, nag offline na sha. :/

  4. Heeey ~ We talked on tumblr. :D

  5. I'm starting to unlike my tama go. Coz I noticed that it doesn't have any mails. and the batteries are easily wasted... anyone who can say beautiful things abt tamago? So dat i wont throw it. :(

    1. mametchifan1996


      The Tama Go is expensive, so don't throw it :D

    2. scottyj200


      Tamago is the first Tama to feature figures and games. Keep it.

    3. Peanut05


      Umm.... I hate it too. That doesnt help but... eh who cares?

  6. sorry! wrong post! but anyway, Happy Easter!

    (\(\ ♫ ♪

    (=' :')


  7. Happy easter! and happy birthday! :D

    (\(\ ♫ ♪

    (=' :')


  8. Bukas? ewan ko.. d ko kase alam kung anung oras ka nagoonline

  9. ok bigyan kita kelan?

  10. Pde pnge ulit ng boy's and girl's destiny star? nareset nanaman kase e. nung pinalitan ko ng battery, walang download na lumabas..

  11. it's 1:44 am and still online. :)

  12. Kuromametchi Ringotchi Sebiretchi Chamametchi Mametchi Makiko Kuchipatchi Violetchi Kilalatchi Mimitchi Grippatchi Ichigotchi Ponytchi -saw this o youtube.. anything more?? -what are the games, shops or items of these or the one u'll add? (except those underlined) THANK YOU!
  13. i have a palace like wallpaper worths 100 000 + before and now, something like another palace things but it has a different format. 100 000 + points too i think? yeah, they change