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  1. Hi guys! Please feel free to add my cosplay page in facebook ^^ Jade Maxwell

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  2. Happy 2012 all!!! :)

  3. Hi! I'm also from the Philippines and I was actually able to buy quite a few of my Tamas from SM Toy Kingdom in SM Makati. They have a pretty good stock of the new versions there as well as some of the older ones. I got my iD, Tama-go and MusicStar from there (the Tama-go should be able to connect to your daughter's music star, I'm sure she'd love that). It would really be worth to check it out. If you're nearer Alabang, they also have it in Alabang Town Center Toys R Us. I'm not sure about other Toy Kindoms and Toys R Us but I'm sure they have tamagotchis in the abovementioned stores. SM Makati Toy Kingdom actually already sells an iDL and I'm saving up for one. Happy shopping!
  4. Ohhh I can see colors again!!! Teehee (

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    2. jadine


      Love happened. Sorta :P

    3. scottyj200


      You in love jadeh!!!!! Well hoo ish it!

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      Ohhh jadinee

      who is ittt? xD

  5. Runnarrrrrrrrrr!!!

  6. Anyone here on Pottermore? Add me! DreamQueen13

  7. Hey Adam! Thanks for dropping by my page. Yeah I'm doing fine and I hope you are too. Just been busy as hell with school lately. Talk to you soon, I hope :P

  8. Hey hey hey Mew!!! :P Sorry I haven't been on much :3

  9. Pottermore welcome email, why you no arrive yet? Dx

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    2. Peanut05
  10. OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG *goes into major fangirl freakout* I finally got my congratulations email from Pottermore!!!

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      J00 Bettah get in dere or I'll have t0 b34t j00 upz.

    4. Peanut05


      Lucky. I WANT ONE TOO!

  11. Anyone of you guys who got into Pottermore got their welcome email yet? o.O

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      >.< Gosh I hope we get it soon! I can't wait!

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      I haven't yet. ):

  12. Just got in to Pottermore! Yay!!!!! The nick I took is DreamQueen13 :3
  13. YAYYY!!! Finally registered in Pottermore!!!!!!!!

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      :o!!! can you PLEASE PLEASE TELL ME HOW
    2. WooWoo80
    3. jadine


      @mayo: Awww sorry but the early registration period is already over. You're going to have to wait till October when it will be open to everyone to register. :3

  14. If I only knew it was a dream I would've never tried to reach out to give you your slice of pizza. Soon as I did, I made you dissolve and realized you really WERE just a dream *sigh* oh well...

  15. Bawled my eyes out watching 'Crazy Little Thing Called Love'. One of the best romantic movies I've seen

  16. Dear Luvie,

    I haven't seen you in chat since forevar and I miss talking to you, terribly T_T Hope everything is well.

    Lotsa love from yer soul sista


  17. I thinkz I know who this is 8D

  18. I'll be the first to post on here and say yer AWESOME!!! ^_^

  19. Bumblekipop! lol

  20. It's Sunday. I'm in love

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      ~Dunno~ (But it's fun!!! xDDD)

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  21. If you collect Tamas then I suggest that you go ahead and get the Angel first then wait till you can buy the iD L. Both are very good tamas IMO and is worth it whichever one you decide to buy. I only have the iD for now but can't wait to get my hands on the iD L seeing how much I enjoyed my iD.
  22. Heyyy didn't get to say goodnight :3 Thanks again for the Pokemon ^_^ You're awesome

  23. You just went "kapoof" and became KoKo Krunch T_T Where'd you go??? //3