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  1. cute background

  2. lol man this is real weird i am also in a 3 year relationship!!!

  3. any1 gonna go on chat???? :D

  4. Thanks for the friend add!

  5. every1 says relationships when u r young are pointless but there wrong coz ive just had a relationship for almost 2 years but i have just been reminded of him and i miss him :( any advise on how to get over him???plz xx

    1. graficks


      My advise to you is 1) be patient, 2) be kind to yourself, 3) find things in your life that you enjoy a lot. Love yourself unconditionally and you will only naturally attract more love in return! Expanding on what Admin said, relationships are like lessons, you will now know what more to look for in a future relationship. All the best!

    2. babe :D

      babe :D

      thx for giving me advise it really helped :)

    3. Peanut05


      Time helps. It really makes you feel a ton better.

  6. hey are u a guy or girl?????

  7. my tama had a baby boy YAY!!!!!tho the way it has it is a bit rude lol

  8. some1 plz go on chat ive been waiting for some1 2 talk 2 for ages xxx

  9. does any1 no how to get a sale on in the shop without having to wait?? plz reply :L

    1. SailorRosette


      Having a really good Japanese person become your friend and when they get them... well hope they will give you some sort of discount.... and sadly, you need to wait until they are out with is soon... You might need to wait until they are visably ready to be sold. I'd try ebay.

    2. babe :D
  10. my friend thinks im slagging her off but im not :( and she ignores me when im with me other friends that we both hang round with.should i ditch her???HLEP me decide to tell her i like her or not???? :L