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    musicstar adults:BOYS: i had a mametchi, kuromametchi, kuchipatchi, dorotchi, togetchi, shimashimatchi, tarakotchi, tosakatchi, and the oldies. GIRLS: memetchi, violetchi, sebiretchi, maidtchi, masktchi, kunotchi, and the oldies. TAMAGO ADULTS: BOYS: mametchi, wooltchi, and i forgot. GIRLS: makiko, ringotchi, uwasatchi, and marotchi. the rest of the codes are found on the internet and friends
  1. is tamatown still down for u guys? e_e?

  2. i cant set a profile pictureeeee O_O

  3. been so long since i last logged in o_o

  4. ლ(ಠ益ಠლ) ill get you my pretty. AND UR LITTLE DOG TOO! mwahahahahha LOL

    1. tamatown123
    2. tamatown123


      Oh wizard of oz XD

  5. when was the last time u saw katy active? or the last time she replied to u? i really miss katy and i know you miss her too. :(

    1. Purimatchi!


      umm i wanna say november, but probably a little Before then.

    2. xmichellex


      last time for me, was jan :(

  6. katy. i cant still believe u havent been active for 4 months straight, ever since we got hacked, it seemed like u dont play computer anymore or u have been missing. collin misses u too. please reply :'(

  7. this is real. this is me. im exactly where im supposed to be now. :3

  8. i remember when i was happy on tamatown :(

    1. xmichellex


      :( i remember myself happy on tamatown too. i miss le0920 and ts9523. :(
    2. Purimatchi!


      Not me? XD I miss TS9523 Too.

    3. xmichellex


      lol miss u too.

  9. gawdddddd im tired :o -_-Zzzz

  10. are u sure? it doesnt load for most of my friends that play it