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  1. I've played the first one and obviously had to play the second when it first came out. Wonderful soundtrack, great storyline, and fun gameplay, especially multiplayer. For me, the ending has to be one of the best video game endings I've ever witnessed, very stunning. Stephen Merchant played an excellent Wheatley as well, I do say.
  2. I love Minecraft and it's most likely my favorite game due to how much you can actually do in it and with it. I love the updates and appreciate the staff of Mojang for having such a nice connection with the players, and it's where I met my boyfriend. I quite fancy semi-vanilla survival servers most because they're simple, but any kind of server will keep me entertained for a while. At the moment though, I'm settled on a strict vanilla server with my boyfriend where no commands or plugins are used. If you would like to play with me anytime, hit me up with an ip and I'd be willing.
  3. I absolutely love cats, very bold and laid back animals. I've always been surrounded by them since a child and have had about five altogether. Three of them since childhood, picked up another once I got older, gave her away due to problems, got another, two died due to very old age, and only down to two now. Jonah and Sebastian, both are mine, but Jonah hates me for no apparent reason and the Sebastian is getting pretty well, old, but he's still kicking and consider him my loving son. He never leaves my side, going to be heartbroken when he does kick the bucket. Definitely having some when I get a place of my own, though.
  4. It was originally written as fan fiction for Twilight. If that doesn't describe how horrendous it is to you enough, then there's something wrong with you.
  5. I have many, just for memory sake even though I'm sixteen. I always buy one every vacation I go on and have some from my childhood. My favorite(s) I would have to say is a red panda I got from Disneyland, or a very large body-size panda from San Diego Zoo.
  6. Put some away for a house when I move out, pay off my mother's house pay, buy my father a decent place, put some away for college for my little brother. Buy a few things for myself, save some for some vacations around the world, and then donate the rest. Simple as that.
  7. I'm a Pisces, and I'm a very big believer in zodiacs. 1. Definitely. 2. I'm told I should be a therapist. 3. I'm a hopeless romantic. 4. Big yes. 5. Yes. 6. Yep. I'm always one to read these sort of things and they are always spot on, especially about the "dreams" and "emotional" part. My boyfriend is also an Aquarius. :p
  8. I live in a place where the school is located within the city, and surrounding that is nothing but farmland and plains. It's not a small school, nor is it big either. The majority of people at my school are nothing but pure stupidity, no wonder why I hate people. Like most schools, it's separated into their own cliques. You have the cheerleaders and athletes on top; who think they own and know everything, the band / drama / choir group; who have their own weird obsessions but are cool, the "redneck" group; who think farming and waving the Confederate flag is cool, the "swag" group; who think wearing pants to your knees and smoking is cool, the gamers and nerds; who talk about nothing but gaming and computers, and the outcasts who are filled with scene and emo kids who do their own thing. I don't enjoy labeling people, but sadly, that's just how it is around here and it's widely known throughout the school. I don't have any friends that are females and I wander within the "gamers and nerds" group because I can relate most with them. I'm usually a "keep to myself" type of person but I socialize with almost everyone if I have to ( not the cheerleaders or athletes, they don't talk to anyone else but one another ). Everyone just thinks they're better than each other, freshmen are annoying, immature and they think can get away with anything, sophomores think they're top notch, juniors hate everyone and seniors don't care. Bullying and fighting gets out of hand too sometimes. The teachers and school itself is nice, but the rest is horrifying. I absolutely hate the place, but I'm going there for my education and I'll be more than happy when I graduate and get out of there.
  9. My avatar are the characters from the PS3 game Journey, very beautiful game it is. And for my signature, just some lazy coding to the song The Cave by Mumford & Sons.
  10. I love any kind of sweet, although I absolutely love red velvet with cream cheese. I quite fancy macaroons and crepes as well, especially nutella ones. Delicious.
  11. Just my boyfriend, who lives all the way in Wales. The 21st of August will be our year anniversary.