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  1. I have good and bad news. Bad news first. Rollo passed away today D: I don't know what happened! He was always the most unhealthy, and was always always getting hungry and losing all his happiness hearts. All my tamas were next to me, he was fine one moment, and then the next time I look at him, he's died! Idk what happened. -sigh- So in his place was reborn a new tama, and this time it was a girl that I names Lilly. UPDATES! Choti: Girl Age: 4 Training: Full Character: Nyorotchi Ryuji: Boy Age: 4 Training: Full Character: Tarakotchi Kuran: Boy Age: 3 Training: Three Character: Ichigotchi Lilly: Girl Age: 0 Training: 0 Character: Still just a baby! And, my very own, NEW V6 music star! I got it last night and hatched it with the St. Patricks Day group hatch <3 Sunny: Girl Age: 0 Training: 0 Character: Hitodetchi Stats: Tone-42 Rhythm-14 Original-7 Music: Asian Instrument: Trumpet More pics will come later!
  2. My new Tamagotchi Music Star just arrived last night! I hatched it today, St. Pattys Day, and it's a girl! I named her Sunny. ^^
  3. Aww, bath time for two of my four tamas! XDD

  4. Good day! Last night Ryuji and Choti both took nice longs baths. I was kind of jealous, actually. -glares at sister who is always hogging the bathroom- Hmph. More good news! Rollo and Kuran both teens now. ^^ However, it has come to my attention that teenagers seem to sleep in later than the rest I guess I'll be up before them tomorrow, since I have school and all. D: Choti: Still a Ringotchi! She and Ryuji have four friend smiley faces now. ^^ Ryuji: Still a Ufotchi! He and Choti have four smiley faces. ^^ Rollo: Is now a Patopatatchi. (Sorry! I couldn't find any good pictures D:) Kuran: Is now an Ichigotchi! (My second fav tama!) My four tamas! From left to right, Kuran, Rollo, Choti (taking a bath!), and Ryuji <3
  5. I purchased a Music Star, so hopefully it will be here by March 17th! -crosses fingers- If it is, I will definitely be joining this group hatch.
  6. Ooh, I may want to do this! Just depends on the stage of my tamas though XDD
  7. I've got great news! I ran to Walmart today and purchased one more pack of batteries, so I have my other two tamas up and running now! Also, I purchased a V6 Music Star on Amazon for like $13, so I'm stoked, and it should be here within a week! (Along with the Memoirs of A Geisha movie XDD) Choti: Gender: Girl Version: V2 Age: 1 Current Character: Ringotchi Ryuji: Gender: Boy Version: V2 Age: 1 Current Character: Ufotchi Rollo: Gender: Boy Version: V3 Age: 0 Current Character: Mizutamatchi Kuran: Gender: Boy Version: V1 Age: 0 Current Character: Marutchi Choti and Ryiji now have 3 friendly smiley faces ^^
  8. Got my four old tamas up and running, and purchased a V6 Music Star on Amazon! What a great day

  9. A good day so far! Choti and Ryuji got way more sleep than I did though. I find that rather unfair. And with the time change, I even lost an extra hour of sleep! But since I changed their times as well, I guess they lost an hour too. -evil laugh- They've spent most of the day rolling around and being pretty quiet. Both of them cried once though, but I took care of that pretty quick. ^^ They still only have two friend smiley faces each. I'm hoping to get that to three today. Choti: 2 Training Points 39 lbs Ryuji 2 Training Points 40 lbs
  10. So here I am, back again after years of being absent! My last account was "Gotchi#1", but I felt it necessary to start fresh with a whole new account! Also, I pulled out my four old Tamagotchi Connections, Version 2, and purchased new batteries for two of them. In time, I will most likely be reviving my other Tamagotchis as well! Purple and Blue Camoflauge Tamagotchi: Name: Choti Gender: Female Generation: One Pink Hawaiian Flowered Tamagotchi: Name: Ryuji Gender: Male (Reset once to achieve this) Generation: One Choti is the eldest of the two due to the fact that I had to reset the Pink Flowered Tamagotchi once before I got a male. She also seems to be the bully of the two. She loses in nearly every game they play, and then gives Ryuji gifts of poo and scary snakes. Unkind of her, isn't it? Thankfully, as they grew from baby to todler, she started gifting him cake and ice cream. They have two friendly smiley faces now. Current Stages: Ryuji: Hitodetchi Choti: Marutchi Growth Chart: