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  1. looking for tamagotchi p's, piercings and more. trading 3ds and games for them, check out my thread on tbay!

  2. Happy Birthday.

  3. hi love!!!! omg i hope you're not offline btw do you have a tumblr or skype or something??? because i'm usually really active on those two so yeah :vvv

    1. 'Key


      late reply kshgajkgf

      i'll get skype? because apparently i'm not being as active as i want to be on here :ccc

    2. 'Key


      i'll mail you it when i get around to doing it


    3. mew0099
  4. haven't been on in like forever. that's so crazy man.

    1. mew0099


      oh MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!! ahhhhhh i can't believe you're here eeee it's been forever UoU!!!

    2. 'Key


      i can't believe i even left!? it has been foreverrr! how's it been going for yoou?

    3. mew0099


      heehee it's pretty good!! school let out and i started hanging out here a bit more! so it's been going pretty good. how about you? :0

  5. i've been.. surviving. :P

    i'm not getting too much work yet but it's gonna get a lot harder :/

  6. I've been geeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeewd.

    You? :3c

  7. it sucks, and i'm soo stressed out 'cause of it. 8C

    how are youu & how have you been? ♥ ;v ;

  8. ; v;

    how have you been, deary dear deer? LOL. ♥

  9. Awhhhhh bby I miss you too... :'c

  10. totally same, stupid school! :x


    duuuuude, i miss you :c

  12. yes we do. D:

    i hardly even come on anymore. school is taking up too much of my time :|

  13. MIST!!!!!

    oh my god i've missed you. oh my god we need to get on chat sometime. ;;

  14. HEY, YOOOU

    We haven't talked in like forever. I seriously miss you 3