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  1. which ever you want im getting mine tomorrow so thats why i posted it for tomorrow
  2. Hey guys! Would you guys like to join a tamago hatching on thursday. All the info below. Day: Thursday Time: 3:30 pm kinds: TamaGo's or music stars(V6) Do: After you hatch them post here there names and gender. Then we will chat about them. So who wants to join?
  3. no what i meant was if your tamago has full training and your music star has less than 500 the tamago will have a better chance at winning or something ill have to expiriment with that when i get mine
  4. very good advice and also try pushing just the c button to wake it up
  5. click on your character and it will tell you your ranking but not a number of how many points your cd has
  6. skill points and training or your music star a tamago will be who wins it depends on those factors
  7. they change all the time supposedly maybe its a glitch try resetting then downloading your tamagotchi
  8. thre should be 100 of them in total so thats not nearly all of them and not nearly all of them have been released so nobody can tell you those yet
  9. Yeah thats why. Ive gotten 7 mil before because i was first ranking the first day and i beat the judges first try cause i worked all my skill points up while it was a toddler
  10. Okay well before you get your new tama it will tranform into a child right. Well im going to explain those things now so you understand everything you need to know for your first day of care. Your tama: Your child tama will be needy but not very. Mostly this stage is for playing games and just letting your tama have fun. Your tama will be a child for about a day and a half. The next day it will tranform into a teen. (if i remember right) Some things for you tama as a child would be the fact that it doesnt get as much stress as an adult would. It has a game that makes your tama happy and earns you skill points but still add a little bit of stress. 2 stress points if you win and 4 stress points if you loose. this is called jumprope. Jumprope: This game is played with the middle button only. (I think you can also use the A button ((the first button))). What will happen is you will click on the door icon after the teacher come and visits you with a gift. This gift will always be a toy. After that you can go to the school by clicking on the door then clicking away. click A again when the screen shows up with the words Away... Then it will take you to the school. You will have to press the A button a couple more times then it will start making a weird sound. this sound will happen twice and while its going on another tama will be walking onto the screen. this tama will be the kid you have to beat or whatever. then a rope will appear. press the B button when it gets close to just under your face and your tama will jump over it. Keep going tell either you loose or win. your tama will also have baby food and milk always right. When you tama is a child you can just feed it those. But when your tama turns into a teen it will only each two of each. then you have to start buying food. More info coming after you comment saying you have your tama. im growing my tama's right now and they are children all three of them so this is easy for me to explain. well have fun playing
  11. Yes practice does make your band preform better. The way to do that is after the band teacher come to your door go form your band like you said. Then click away again and it has a game. it will show all three characters right. button A for the character to the far right button B for the one in the middle and button C for the one on the far left. When the notes appear above the tama's head then click on the corresponding button. this game also earns you skill points and same with the jump rope and band practice while your band is an adult. If you need help for the adult please message me and ill explain that
  12. I would perfer the one with the better quality (the one alot more people like) maybe do some research on them before buying something!
  13. when your tamago has a exclamation mark over the top then either praise it or timeout (timeout) will give you a training point and if you catch them doing the pee pee wiggle then click on the potty before he/she poops and then that should get you some more training points (so ive heard ive been studying them all day since i just bought one today)
  14. TPAM is a very wonderful funny person
  15. i tried it three times after that and it still hasnt worked sorry but this must be spam
  16. this must be spam i tried it and all it did was add stress to my tama after i downloaded ill try again though
  17. i just ordered my new tama go online and ill have to try that when i finally get it ill tell you if it works
  18. Doesnt the tama go connect to music stars if it does than cant you just do that with the music star
  19. I thought chamamtchi was a teen she is on the music star
  20. This is another very good chart i have found i just barley ordered a new tamago and im trying to learn how to play it. it should be here soon maybe tuesday or wensday. Im so excited but im adding all the great topics and best topics to my watchlist and this is deffinatly going to be on there good job its well organized! i love it