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  1. Maybe they didn't add them because there were too many characters already...
  2. Hidan, Hidan is on my mind.

  3. Well...I obviously have a crush on Hidan. Hes just so...YUMMY! <3 Anyways, how about you?
  4. i have 5 furbys, and i renamed all of them. i put hair scrungees on them so i know who they are. __________________________________________ name: hidan gender: male age: 2 years colors: all black with green eyes birthday: april 2nd scrungee: purple works?: not sure :/ ___________________________________________ name: pein gender: male age: 2 months colors: girrafe with brown eyes, no eyelashes birthday: july 18th scrungee: blue works?: no ____________________________________________ name: mint (2005) gender: female age: 2 months colors: white and cream with brown eyes birthday: december 4th scrungee: pink works?: perfectly ____________________________________________ name: cream (baby) gender: female age: 1 year colors: curly, cream-colored fur with brown eyes birthday: september 30th scrungee: green works?: sorta _____________________________________________ name: sakura (baby) gender: female age: 3 years colors: pink and blue with brown eyes birthday: january 3rd scrungee: dont know works?: no
  5. naruto: hidan ~drooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool~ lucky star: konata xD naruto: kisame ~go ahead and laugh TT-TT~ video game: spyro ~awsome purple dragon ftw~ weird: bob the chair xDD
  6. A - Apple type: granny smith B - Bed size: twin C - Chore you hate: dishes >.< D - Dog's name: dont have one E - Essential start to your day item: hidan F - Favorite color: purple G - Gold or Silver:gold H - Height: 4'10 I - Instruments you play(ed): none J - Job title: none K - Kid(s): none L - Looks like: pie xD M - Marshmallow fights: ? N - Nicknames: koiyuki, hidan stalker O - Overnight hospital stay other than your birth: none P - Pet Peeve:?? Q - Quote from a movie/video game/tv show: JASHIN!!! R - Right or left handed: right S- Siblings:older sister T - Time you wake up: noon xD U- Underwear color: purple or black V - Vegetable you dislike: W - Ways you run late:??? X - X-rays you've had: none Y - Yummy food you make: pots and pans explode when i cook xD Z - Zoo favorite: monkeys _____________________________ FAVORITES: Food¨ pizza Drinks ¨ pepsi Clothing¨ akatsuki cloak Books ¨ lucky star volume 5 Music ¨ dont trust a ho xD Flower¨ black rose Colors ¨ purple Movies ¨ megamind Hobby ¨ stalking hidan xD _____________________________ THIS OR THAT: coke or pepsi? pepsi Harry Potter or Twilight? none comedy or horror? comedy red or blue? blue sun or moon? moon orange or green? green pink or purple? purple taylor lautner or robert pattinson? none David Archuleta or David Cook? ???? dark chocolate or white chocolate? dark winter or summer? winter apples or banana's? apples _____________________________ WOULD YOU RATHER? bungee jump or skydive? skydive get a bad sunburn or never go in the sun again? never go in sun xD break your arm or break your leg? neither O_O Run outside naked or get electrocuted? run outside necked xD Be attacked by a swarm of bees or be trapped in a lion's cage for a whole day? bees Get eaten by ants or by a lion? ants
  7. my mom bought me a new '05 furby. her name is mint and she has brown eyes and shes all white.
  8. pet people sing ITS THE END OF THE WORLD AS WE KNOW IT!!! really loud pretend to puke in a corner