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  1. hello kikatama. I'm tamaboy3000. My fav characters are Mametchi, Lovlitchi, and Melodytchi!!!!!!!!!!! GO TAMA!

    1. kitatama


      I also like mametchi! so cute , and itchigotchi and kutchipatchi!

  2. I got an american Angel gotchi!

  3. I just downloaded really nice stuff to my ID L tama! It likes it very much! :D

  4. Thanks for the answer! Just one more question, how do I transfer the downloaded files from the computer to my tama? Do I use the download icon to connect it to the computer? Plese help! Do I transfer the backgrounds I created the same way?
  5. Hi there! I have a few questions about tama ID L. Hope u can help out! 1.My first question is,my tama often shows happy birthday banners and all sorts of birthday stuff! Does it think its my birthday so often or is it the tamagotchis birthday? 2.When will you unlock the third screen by the stats? Will you immidiately unlock all the icons? 3.I have heard, you can send minigames, and Travel Destinations. But what mini games? I thought u can only do that by the ID! Do ID games work on the ID L? If, then how do u download them? 4.My last question is, on the tamagotchi ID Station, Uwasatchi gave me two little messages saying something japanese. I have sent them to my ID L tama, but what do they say!? Also I have unlocked a ticket on the Station, but that only works on the ID tama doesn't it? It would be soooo cool if you could answer these Questoins! Please! Thx Kitatama
  6. I have a masteritchi on my tamagotchi Id l, but can't find the third tamatomo! please help me! thx kitatama

  7. But do you know how to get the 3rd tamatomo for masteritchi? It would be really silly if he wouldn't get saved, just because I could't find it anywhere! Somewhere I read he has to eat eggs in the cafe, but I don't know which eggs they mean! Please help! kitatama
  8. So the questionmarks stand for more than one place?
  9. Thank you SOOOO much! Somehow I always mixed the ingridients up wrong, that's why it didn't work! I'm so happy!
  10. So the questionmarks stand for more travel destinations? And how do you get the 3rd tamatomo for masterotchi?
  11. Are special recipies given to mix certian things? I can't mix anything I want?