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  1. My first Tamagotchi, good times :') I can't remember exactly how old I was but I was about 6-7ish. This was at the height of the 'tamagotchi craze' back in England. I remember everybody started buying Tamagotchis and my friend let me play on hers for a little before I bought my own. My Dad took me to a toy store and there were loads of rows with Tamagotchis in different designs and colors. I chose a purple V2 with white stars around it and I played with it for the remainder of the day before starting a 'Tamagotchi Club' at school with my friends the next day. Haha, life was so simple back then
  2. My Mesu/Osu pair just arrived in the post! :D

  3. I'm in the UK and I'm starting year 8 in September. I go to a Grammar (selective) school and it is an all girls school. It is pretty good because there are no really silly or dumb people but the 'popular' girls are really horrible. That's all right though because none of them talk to me and my best friends because we are not in the popular group of girls. There are no boys (obviously) but I dont really care. To be quite honest, I really dont like most of the teachers but I've learnt how to deal with them. We don't get too much homework (in year 7) and I have 3 amazing best friends of which I'm really thankfull for (: So to conclude, my schools actually pretty good.
  4. My major pet peeves: The word 'YOLO'...please, just dont say it. The word buggy. People who act dumb because they think its funny.
  5. My favorite is the V4.5 because it has alot of new features, and the designs are really cute. It's also the last normal tamagotchi before all the familitchis, music stars and tama go were released
  6. Just got myself a mesu osu pair :D .... there goes my back to school money..pfft..

    1. TotallyTamagotchi


      Haha, but worth it, right? ^_^

  7. I think this is a pretty useful guide: http://www.mimitchi.com/tamaplus/manual.shtml
  8. Current Tamagotchis: On V4.5: Hyottokotchi On Angel (US edition): Unchi-Kun (Lucky Poop)
  9. I really love your wallpaper with the kawaii watermelons ^-^ !!!

  10. Trying to explain to my grandma how tamagotchi works is really not a good idea...

    1. sonicfan253
    2. Amarisje


      Know the feeling, I tried it once...will never try it again!

    3. LongLiveTamas!
  11. That usually happens when you pause your tamagotchi alot.
  12. See these: http://tamagotchi.wikia.com/wiki/ChoMametchi http://www.tamatalk.com/IB/topic/90067-chomametchi-the-ultimate-guide/
  13. Which tama should I start up for the remainder of the holiday? *thinking*

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. LongLiveTamas!


      Angel, v1-6 and a tama go :)

    3. Amarisje


      Maybe the angel :)

    4. LongLiveTamas!


      I already started a V4.5 but Im gonna start the angel aswell now, haha! :')

  14. Hello To find the guide for the IDL, there is already one on TamaTalk: →Tamagotchi Help →Tamagotchi Tips and Tricks Or alternatively, just use this link: http://www.tamatalk.com/IB/topic/177878-a-guide-to-the-id-l/