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  1. The update is free, forever.
  2. I have a V5 and all the characters always go to bed at 9pm and wake up around 8 / 9 pm
  3. My V6 came today in the mail :D

  4. I run the V5 now and soon my V6 when it comes in the mail
  5. Can't decide to buy a P1 or a Angelgotch

  6. I can't decide which tama to buy next! P1, P2 or the Mori de Hakken

  7. Thanks for the information, I will definitely look at it! It sure helps! Thanks Thanks for the information, I have not yet decided which one I am going to use since I don't even have the tama itself yet but if I decide to use the usb I am going to need this.
  8. Thanks for your reaction! This is not really that expensive and finding old phones is kinda hard because they are or expensive or not complete (no battery or no charger etc.) I will look into this infrared usb
  9. Okay thanks, I will look for an old phone then. Any recommendations?
  10. Hi guys! I would love to buy a tamagotchi P's but I really want to install the english patch. My phone has infrared (Sony Xperia Z1), will that work with the tamagotchi P's? And which infra red app I would need if it would work
  11. I didn't know Tama P's are so cute with the different scene's and how they are in bath and you see them cleaning and now I want one!

    1. Miiku


      I also like the english patch you can download to make everything a bit easier

    2. KawaiiAwesome:3


      They r amazing!! You should get one!

    3. Miiku


      I would love to but I need a thing for IR first so I can download the patch :D

  12. I found it! So this topic can be deleted now or closed.
  13. I finally bought the Virtual Pet I had as a child! I searched for years for it!

    1. TamaLey


      I love when that happens! Which one was it?

    2. Miiku


      It's called a "My Sweet Pet"