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  1. good I guess. Just to much work. Normal teenage life.

  2. haha, same.

    has life been good?

  3. Not much! just doin homework...

  4. I had a V4(the digital numbers one) and I had a Mimitchi who had a baby boy who became a Tensatchi, but died to water...
  5. Yup. I got to go. Bye.

  6. hey pk, have you seen the 'kids react to' videos on youtube? o3o

  7. -nibbles fingers- >;D

  8. May I ask if you happened to get your name from me? Or is it just coincidence

  9. If you nibble on people, then I command you to nibble my fingers!

  10. Lawrence, go on my page. It has my FC on it.