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  1. my favorite restaurant is a Chinese buffet called A-Won but when i'm not in the mood for piles of Chinese food i like to go to sheetz. haha yes a gas station is my other favorite place.
  2. fine with me! I am an artist too. I will be getting a new tablet soon so i'll be back in business and i wouldn't mind drawing prizes for people! :0
  3. something i use when taking pictures of any item i can sit somewhere is a mini tri-pod. It's very useful for these sorts of things as you can put your camera on it and set a timer so there will be no blurring as your camera will be completely still.
  4. wow i never thought to try that! That's cool! i'll have to try it next time i get a tama that matches one of my figures.
  5. just got himespetchi on my princess spacy iD L!! >w

    1. binary



    2. Amber-Cakes


      thanks! I am so excited to have gotten her so soon. i figured it was going to take longer! lol.

  6. i think that is a good idea! all of april is still pretty eastery even if easter is over on the 8th. one month is a decent amount of time!
  7. i prefer subs because i like to hear and see the anime as it was intended to be heard and seen. A lot of dubs end up changing some things around even editing the show in major ways to make it more "kid friendly" so i avoid dubs if i can. I find it funny that someone said they think the japanese girls voices are annoying because i often find female american voices annoying in dubs whilst the japanese ones seem so cute and feminine! different strokes for different folks~
  8. i love death note. It's so good! I relate so much to the way light feels at the beginning.
  9. i don't have a v2 but i know in some of the new versions different adults go to sleep at different times. This might be true for the v2. hopefully someone can confirm that.
  10. Ah nothing better than finish up your cleaning for the day! 8D

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    2. Amber-Cakes


      haha i HATE cleaning. I live with my boyfriend at his parents house and we basically LIVE completely in our bedroom. We hate his parents. We are 20 and 24 and apparently not responsible adults since we don't have an apartment! xD

      In less than a weeks time you would not BELIEVE how messy this room gets.

      Cleaning is like hell to me.

    3. Orandatchi


      ^ Same, a little. u_u

    4. Tamacake


      @ ambercakes



  11. this might sound sort of rude and i don't mean to offend anyone this is just a personal pet peeve of mine but i absolutely can't stand when people who are perfectly capable of walking use the motorized shopping carts at stores. They are for people who are disabled and handicapped who actually need them, not for lazies who don't want to walk and shop! D< This has always been my biggest pet peeve and always will be. I currently work in a store that has these and it drives me mad everytime i see it. and before it's brought up, I know they can walk well because i see the park it and get up to get something that the cart can't get close too. Like free samples.
  12. I take extra long breaks at work. i am bad. U__U
  13. of course i like tamatalk. it's the only forum i've even stuck around for in the past 5 years.