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  1. Happy birthday! Hope you have a great one. :)

  2. Good Evening!! Whoops, I'm slacking off on logging and I feel really bad!! Sorry for not been on top of it everyone, I have been quite busy with work and I also need to make a little announcement at the end of this post, so keep an eye out for that! Unfortunately, I actually do not have my v4 running... I took the battery out of it this morning before work and I felt really bad because Ella left May last night, and I managed to name May and play with her for a little bit, before I decided to just take the battery out. I felt bad, because I really do want to continue running May and watch her grow and start a new generation. But my next few weeks are going to be HECTIC, so I really don't know how I will be able to manage a tamagotchi.... I'm not saying that I won't be running one at all for ages, but I am saying that this log is going to be a little bit inactive for most of September. Which I hate saying that to you all, because I really enjoy writing in this log and running my v4! Anyways, my plan right now is that I do want to start May back up again, but I think I'm going to wait till tomorrow night since I have work again tomorrow. So I will be back into it tomorrow I promise guys! It's just that when I have to work a lot throughout the week, it gets real hard to manage a tama, and I always stress that it's going to die on me if I take it too work, because I barely have time to take care of it! Sorry for the lame update tonight guys, but this is what I have to deal with now that I'm working! My big announcement is that I am actually going on a little family vacation to Australia from the 11th-22nd of this month!!! I'm really excited, but of course, it means I won't be logging for that time, which is roughly a week and a half. Thought I would give you guys a heads up about that since I'm jumping on a plane next Friday!! I won't be running tama's at all, since I will be quite busy going to theme parks and the beach and such, so I don't want this vacation to focus on tama's, i want to focus on having fun and relaxing, so i hope you guys don't mind! My log will be inactive for that time, but I will say good-bye before I leave, and I will get back into running a tama when I get back!! That's all for tonight's post! Sorry it was a little boring, but I just wanted to update you all on what's happening. You can expect to see little May back tomorrow and ready to start her life with me! Catch you guys tomorrow evening! Love: Sakura-San123
  3. Hiiii!! Whoops, sorry I have been gone for a couple of days everyone!!! I totally didn't mean to not make an update yesterday, but I ended up going shopping in Town with one of my friends, and didn't get home till later on in the day. I also took the batteries out of Ella while I was out, just because I didn't want to stress about her while I was out shopping, and I don't like pausing my tama's, so I just removed the battery and popped it back in this morning. And Ella is back and I'm back into my logging! I just didn't want her to be unhappy or hungry or die on me while I was out shopping, that would not have been fun! Soooo, since I put the batteries back in Ella and downloaded her, I immediately set the time to 2:59PM and waited that long 60 seconds for the MatchMaker to appear. Ella was more than ready to mate, and she had just turned 6 years yesterday before I removed her battery, so I was super excited to get her mated off! Here's the pictures: As you can see, she mated with a cute little Tosakatchi!! I thought they looked really sweet together, and Ella seemed to like the look of him, so I said yes and they kissed, fireworks exploded and Ella appeared back on the screen with yet another baby girl!! Which I am a little disappointed about, because as you guys know, I have been wanting to get a boy so I can try for a Kuchipatchi.... But I guess that's going to have to wait until the next generation.... Ella's little girl is super cute!! I have decided to call her May and she is hopefully going to grow into an adorable little Ponytchi!! It's been a while, since I have had a Ponytchi on the v4, and I may as well try for her, since I have had Memetchi and Violetchi. So Ponytchi it is Other than that, really nothing else has happened. May has only been around for a few hours, and she has already done a million poops. I think I'm going to get that cellphone code today at some point and get Ella to ring her Mum!! I will be sure to take pictures of it, and post them in tomorrow's post! I will catch you guys tomorrow! Thanks for stopping by! Love: Sakura-San123
  4. Good Afternoon! I apologize again for not updating yesterday. I might start doing updates every second day instead of every day, just so that I'm not apologizing every time I skip a day! Reason for not posting yesterday is because nothing very exciting happened with Ella. We tried again to get her a job, but still had no luck. This time I tried other jobs like the Fire Station and the Lab, but still nothing. I don't know why poor Ella can't seem to get a job, I have raised her skill points... Oh well, I think I'm going to stop trying anyway, since she's very close to mating. It turns out I was wrong with the age and day that she is mating, it's actually tomorrow! She's 5 at the moment. I don't have any pictures of Ella unfortunately. I was going to snap some of her trying for a job again, but I didn't in the end. I still have yet to open that Chest as well... I seem to be procrastinating that! I will for sure open it before Ella leaves! Also I must remember to get the cell phone code at some point, because Ella is now old enough to call her Mum, Mia! Ella's Stats: Hungry: ♥♥♥♥ Happy: ♥♥♥ Age: 5 years Weight: 34LBS Training: 7 bars Smart Points: 51 Style Points: 30 Social Points: 42 GP: 19555 Sorry for the rather boring update. I promise it will be more exciting tomorrow, because we are going to get Ella mated! Still hoping for a baby boy!! See you all tomorrow! Love: Sakura-San123
  5. Hey Everyone! Sorry for not making an update yesterday! There really wasn't too much too say anyways. But I'm here today to bring you all some exciting news concerning Ella! So yesterday, as I thought Ella evolved into an Adult at around 11AM. What did she evolve into? A VIOLETCHI!! Exactly the adult I was hoping for! I'm pretty sure this is my first ever Violetchi on the v4 so I'm so happy! She's so cute! Not much really happened yesterday after she evolved which is why I didn't bother making an update. We played some games of Jumping Rope and Flag and she got 900GP from the Gotchi King in the mail, which was very generous of him! As for today, I was going to open up the Chest we bought from the Shop, but then Ella got her job mail!! Here's some pictures: We tried for the Florist and the Gotchi Hospital but unfortunately didn't get into either! I don't think Ella has enough skill points to get a job yet, so I'm going to work on that today! I'm excited for Ella to mate in a couple of days! (On Saturday!). I'm hoping for a baby boy now, because I think I want to get a Kuchipatchi....I have had Kuchipatchi on my v4 before, but I love him so much, that I want him again! So, let's hope that Ella has a boy when she mates! There isn't much else to say, so lets view Ella's Stats: Hungry: ♥♥♥ Happy: ♥♥♥♥ Age: 4 years Weight: 32LBS Training: 7 bars Smart Points: 34 Style Points: 19 Social Points: 36 GP: 17195 I'm off to go and work on Ella's skill points so that we can get her a job! I think I want her to become a Florist! Alright, see you guys tomorrow! Love: Sakura-San123 PS: Thank you guys for getting this log to over 200 viewsss!!! Knowing this means I will be for sure continuing this log for quite some time!
  6. Log update will be up tomorrow ^.^

  7. Hello! Yay for page 2!! This is going to be a nice quick post, since there really hasn't been anything exciting or eventful today. I am still yet to get some more batteries for my TMGO, and maybe one for my Music Star, since I am now really eager to start it up! As for little Ella, she has had a very calm and peaceful day. I believe she is due to evolve tomorrow morning, so I have just been working on raising her skill points up, especially her Social. Which went well, I took her to School today and we got the right present again. I also played a few games of Flag and Shape because her Smart points were a little too low. Oh and we also bought another Chest at the shop today, because I was looking to spend some of that GP, we have too much of it! I will probably open the chest in tomorrow's post! Ella has also beeped for no reason today, so she got her time out and earned another training bar! The only picture I have managed to snap of Ella today was one of her taking a bath. It's really cute! I love when my tama's take a bath. It's just such a cute animation. Now for Ella's Stats: Hungry: ♥♥♥♥ Happy: ♥♥♥♥ Age: 2 years Weight: 17LBS Training: 6 bars Smart Points: 20 Style Points: 22 Social Points: 30 GP: 16115 That's all for today. I need to go, it's my dinner time! I will talk to you guys tomorrow, hoping I will have a Violetchi to show you pictures of!!! Love: Sakura-San123
  8. Heeeyyyyyyy! Would like to start this post off with some rather sad news. Earlier today, while I was playing a game of Shape Shooter with Mika, after I had just won the game, this happened: And I legit have no idea why, because I was so sure that the batteries I put in were practically new! I guess not though.... It really is a bummer because I now have no triple A batteries to put into my TMGO and get Mika back... Which means I cannot run my TMGO till I get some new ones and goodness knows when that will be. So I'm sorry if you guys enjoyed reading about Mika, but right now she is unavailable. And of course it had to happen the day before she was due to get married... grrrrrr. Sorry to start off with bad news. So for the time being, this log will just be all about Ella! Which, I'm sure Ella wouldn't mind that. Awesome things have been happening with Ella today! She actually evolved into a teenager this morning! Which, I actually completely forgot she was due to evolve today, so that was a nice surprise after Mika's batteries died. After seeing what teenager she turned into, I am now positive we won't be going for a Mimitchi this generation, because Ella evolved into.... A YOUNG MEMETCHI! So cute! Not the teenager I was expecting honestly, but I'm so happy I got her! So I have now decided to completely erase the plan to get Mimitchi, and instead I'm going to try and turn Ella into a Violetchi, one of my all time favourite characters! Should be easy enough, since Ella is already doing pretty well in the Social Points area. Also, a little while after Ella evolved, she receieved her mail to leave pre-school and go into big kids school! Here's some cute pictures. I chose Mr Canvas as the teacher, because I already knew at that point that I wanted a Violetchi. I have already taken Ella to School today and we earned some Social Points since we chose the right present. That's really all the news on Ella, so here we go with her Stats: Hungry: ♥♥♥♥ Happy: ♥♥♥♥ Age: 1 year Weight: 16LBS Smart Points: 10 Style Points: 11 Social Points: 19 GP: 15005 I'm going to head off now and play some games of Flag with Ella! Byee! Love: Sakura-San123
  9. OK, well that most likely won't happen now that my v4 evolved into a Young Memetchi, but thanks for the tip, I will use it next time!
  10. Good Evening! I am posting quite late tonight, because I have been quite busy today, went shopping and had lunch with family. So I'm sorry if this post lacks pictures! We shall start with my v4! So, as you all know, Mia was due to leave at around 12AM last night. Poor little Ella had no idea this was taking place because she was fast asleep. I actually ended up staying up to watch Mia leave and it was very sad. I am certainly going to miss Mia! I didn't take a picture, because I didn't feel like getting my phone and the lighting sucked anyway. So Mia left Ella after what seemed like forever, and I felt extremely sad. But it meant I could start fresh with Ella! So I left her to sleep and went to bed myself. This morning, I woke up to poor little Ella crying and wondering what happened to her mummy. Here are some pics of me naming her etc. Isn't she cute?! I'm so in love with her already! I have made a promise to Ella that I will eventually get the special code for the cell phone, so that when Ella is older, she can ring Mia! It's one of my favourite things to do with my V4's, I find it so sweet. So, after that long hour of constant care and attention, Ella evolved into a toddler. I don't think I took the best care of her to be honest. And we didn't end up with any training bars, so she has evolved into a Puchitchi. She's cute, don't get me wrong but not the toddler I was hoping for. I guess that's what you get when you don't get any training bars. Oh well, I still love Ella all the same! I still really want Ella to become a Mimitchi, but I'm not sure if it will happen... But at the same time, I don't want her to turn into a bad care character, so I'm still going to take my best possible care of her, even though I have work most of next week. Here's little Ella's Stats: Hungry: ♥♥♥♥ Happy: ♥♥♥♥ Age: 0 years Training: 2 bars. I'm working on that! Smart Points: 5 Style Points: 10 Social Points: 12 GP: 14445 So, as you can tell from her skill points, Ella is currently heading towards turning into a Violetchi rather than a Mimitchi. But, I actually love Violetchi, so I would be pretty happy! Gosh, I really suck with pictures for Mika at the moment.... Again, I only have one picture of her. And it's not even that exciting, I just thought I would take a picture, since I changed my faceplate. I changed it to the Chamametchi one, it's one of my favourites! Anyway, Mika's life is not all that exciting right now. I'm just waiting for Wednesday, so that I can get her married! We have played some games of Shoot the Bug and Speed Runner, and that's really it. I also took her to her Bake Shop today, but I forgot to take pictures... We got one customer who was a Togetchi that ordered a chocolate log, it was pretty cute. Mika's Stats: Hungry: ♥♥♥♥♥ Happy: ♥♥♥♥♥ Age: 3 years Weight: 23LBS Training: 9 bars Friendship Hearts: ♥♥♥♥♥♥ GP: 24090 I have actually been considering taking the batteries out of Mika recently... just because I don't really pay as much attention to her as I do with my V4. Maybe, when I get some more batteries, I will stop playing with Mika and start up my Music Star! We shall just have to wait and see. I know today's post wasn't all the exciting... but I shall be back tomorrow with more! Love: Sakura-San123
  11. Hey!! I was wondering if anyone could give me some useful tips on how to get a Mimitchi on the V4. I have never had a Mimtchi on any version, and I really want to try get her!! So if anyone has any tips they could suggest too me to achieve this, that would be awesome! Sakura-San123