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  1. I bought a fake Dinky Dino and I was really mad and dissapointed. Dinky Dino's are so cool and cute and when I saw it was chickens and other things I was so mad. I got tricked becuase the picture of the dino fakes were out of package and looked like real Dinky Dino's. I'll never make that mistake again.......
  2. And now, introducing...........Bo! Bo: Hi! Me: Now keep in mind Bo is only a toddler. He can't speak full sentences that well just yet Bo: Me no baby! Me: No, your not Bo. You're a big toddler now! Bo: Me big * acts proud* Me: Yes you are. I had to return to school today ( ugh! ) so Bo was put on pause. He was still asleep at 8:00 so I couldn't say goodbye Bo: No fun! Pause boring! Me: I know but it must be done. I'd get in BIG trouble with all of my teachers except for Tyler who is awesome and would probably lauigh and say he used to have a Tamagotchi but all my other teachers would get mad and make me put it away Bo: Me bad? Teachers no like me? Me: It's okay Bo. Teachers are weird like that. You're still my favorite little mohawk dude Bo: Yay! Me: I went upstairs as soon as I got home to give a little attention to Bo ( he needed it! ) We played a few games of jump rope and mimic and then Bo had pizza and an orange for dinner and dessert Bo: Yummy! Tasty pee-za Me: I had to check his weight then ( me and him are watching are waists ) and he weighed 15 pounds. Before he had dinner he weighed 12! That must have been some seriously cheesy pizza 0.0 Bo: Me fat? Me: No way Bo! 15 pounds is very light! Besides, you're a growing boy! It's fine if you put on weight, you'll burn it all off in a matter of time! Bo: Okay Me: I also looked at his other stats. He's got two training bars ( that's pretty good! ) and has 8 socail 8 artistic and 16 intellectual! My little gangster is smart! Bo: Me smart. Me go school Me: That's right Bo! I sent you off to school today on your own. It says I should be able to interact with the teacher but I didn't I wonder why? Bo: Teacher nice Me: That's good! That's all for today everyone! Bo and I'll will be back tommorow! Bo: Bye-bye! * waves with an invisible hand *
  3. I fed him so much sushi and bread I thought he would explode! I decided to go visit tama toawn to see what it was like. I went there and after figuring the login out, Bo was in the town! He looked so cute as a cartoon! We explored a bit, got some points, and then left. When we got home, little Bo was crying! I decided not to take him back to Tamatwon until he was a bit older. All the business and noise must have been very scary for him. I praised him and he stopped crying, but then he fell asleep! I forgot all about the fact that babies take a nap before they evolve so I thought that he was just tired. I went down stairs to start a new sketch and put him on the coffee table. I sketched away while watching the news ( so many murders! Yikes! ) and then I heard a familiar beep. Bo was evolving!!!! I quickly grabbed him and watched as he turned into a....... blob with a mohawk! I had to quickly show my sister and she thought it was hilarious. I did too! I guess my little Bo is a gangster at heart! He looked so cute with his mohawk and I was going to play the new game with him when the power went out. It was just a fuse but I thought it was the storm so I put Bo on pause. Not for long though. my dad quickly fixed the problem ( turns out we had to many things running and to many lights on ) and I unpaused Bo. I played the new game Mimic with him and I really like it. It's like slot machine but more fun and I'm pretty good at it. The highest I've gotten to is round 5. After my dinner which was spaghetti and his dinner which was some more sushi I roleplayed with my friend and sort of forgot about him. Before I knew it it was 8:30 and Bo was asleep with 1 happy heart missing! Oh well, I'll fill that heart back up tommorow
  4. This log is a tad late but that's okay. I got my v4 yesterday. I had a Target gift card from my dads cousin for 25 dollars ( wow! ) Right away I grabbed Hellogoodbye's new cd and then strolled around the books, electronics and toys sections. The cd cost 10 dollars so I had 15 dollars left. All the video games were too expensive and I couldn't find a good book so I went back and forth in the toy section. I picked up a kangaroo figure ( Me luvvles kangaroos! ) and then continued to search. I thought " Maybe they have some good virtual pets! " The littlest pet shop virtuals were not very appealing to me so I searched for the rack of vps they had had that summer. Finally, I saw it, right next to a virtual dog, so many tamagotchis they were falling off the little stick thing! Now, I haven't been on top of tamagotchi new for a while so I didn't know these were the new v4s. I still loved them and after searching a bit found a nice blue one with grass and sunflowers. I couldn't wait to get home and after getting my homework and piano done ( both were pretty easy ) I ripped open my new tama. I scanned threw the manual and thought " Wow! These are great! " I quickly pulled the tab out and watched as an egg appeared. My new tama! I set the time and then as I waited for the egg to hatch, logged on to tamatalk ( I haven't been on for months! ) I quickly learned that my tama was a new v4! I was very excited. I thought it was a v3! Finally, my little egg hatched and out popped a little baby boy! I notcied right away that the tamas have changed a bit, my boys was pointy. I decided to name him Bo, after my teddy bear ( Yes, my teddy bear who is actually a panda ) Bo was EXTREMELY demanding for food and attention. I quickly filled up all his hearts. I love the new jump rope game. I'm not very good at it, I only get about 100 points each time, but it's very fun and much better then jump! Only about 10 minutes after he was content he started beeping for food again. Yikes babies are demanding! He's just like my baby cousin! continued in next post
  5. I recently left my tamagotchi at a friends house and he had never tooken care of a tama before. First it evolved into a marutchi then a oniontchi and then a ninja looking tamagotchi. Is this good or bad? Does this mean he didnt take care of him well?
  6. Yay my tamagotchi evolved into a kusatchi! (so cute!)
  7. Its not a sumo wrestler its cute!
  8. My tamagotchi's a teen and I was wondering how long it will take before she's an adult? *Moved by Bell Sprout*
  9. Thanks! That chart deffinatly helped!
  10. Please someone help me Im really confused!
  11. My tamagotchi recently evolved into a ufo looking thing. Does anyone know what it is?