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  1. On the Tama-Go, when you enter the Memetchi Figure's shop, you see a bunch of clothes. When you buy them and put them on do they disappear after your tamagotchi dances around in them. And can your tamagotchi actually wear the clothes instead of showing off in them? THANKS.
  2. Okay. Thanks. My star ranking is 1st so maybe that's why.
  3. On my tamagotchi music star, this guitar dude gave me 1,000,000 gotchi points. Normal or not?
  4. Hi. Do you think the Chamametchi figure on the tama-go is better than the Mametchi. Also I heard that the figure that comes with the tama-go does not have all the features in the tama figure you buy separately. Is that true? Thanks. Also please tell me the games in the Mametchi figure. Once again, thanks.
  5. 1. Family, Books, my dog... 2. one tamagotchi...not a serious fan 3. what's a tama umino? and i'm happy with one tamagotchi 4. great care 5. no, but i keep on pause in my pocket.. 6. no, i sometimes keep my tama paused for 3 days or something 7. no, as i said before, not a serious tama fan 8. yes, books, candy, and happy things
  6. What is the biggest Tamagotchi version. I mean the tamagotchi version with the biggest screen. On the Tama Go description it says : The TamaTown egg is larger for easier play. Is that true? Thanks
  7. You get out of the stall and get out of the bathroom. You are in a company's building. You bump into a guard outside. "Hey, kid! Watch where you're going!" he shouts. "Oh, it's just you. Your father is waiting for you."
  8. iTamaCandy


    Peter finally got the sandwich off his fingers and slam dunked it in the trashcan. No paint squirted out. Peter was furious . The next day in the morning he thought of an idea. Peter used to be friends with Chris in fifth grade until Chris met John and became a prankster. He knew who Chris liked because once in a while, Peter catches Chris staring at her. Petr did a face palm. Why didn't he think of that before instead of getting stuck to a sandwich and being humiliated? He knew it wouldn't work. Peter arrived at Power Middle School at 8:00. He smiled devilishly at Chris . He didn't notice. At 9:00 there was an assembly. Perfect, just as Peter planned. He knew before that there was an assembly scheduled for today at 9:00. When all the students were sat down on the lines, and the teachers were talking to each other, and the assembly didn't start yet, Peter cupped both hands over his mouth and yelled, "Chris Oliver likes Rosie Anderson!!!" Everyone looked at Peter. He said," Well, it is true. Look at Chris if you don't believe me." Chris was painted a thin red. He was totally embarrassed. "Look who is the master now, Chris. HAHAHAHA" (Chris Oliver is Chris and Rosie Anderson is a new character.)
  9. iTamaCandy


    get back at him. After period 3 the next day, it was lunch. Peter noticed Chris had a sandwich for lunch and some cookies. He put paint in Chris' sandwich so if you held it and squeezed it, paint would splat out at you. Peter also lined the sandwich with super glue. Careful not to be stuck to the sandwich, Peter put the sandwich in the locker. He slammed it shut. The sandwich stuck to him. Luckily, paint didn't squirt out because Peter did not squeeze the sandwich. RING! It was lunch time. Chris walked out to his locker and started laughing. "Peter! You can't play pranks on me, I'm da master!" Chris howled in laughter.
  10. January 18 I went to the mall to get my makeover. After I paid the twelve gotchi points and got my makeover-----OMG!!!!!! I looked in the mirror. I look completely pretty. I got my makeover at seven in the morning, so school starts at eight. I also put on my best clothes and walked to school. Everyone's head was on me and their mouths were practically on the floor. I was wearing sunglasses that were really dark and didn't see much. I was so stunned by everybody's stunned looks that I bumped into Chamametchi's cousin who was more evil than her(can you believe it?) She grabbed my pretty curls and....
  11. After the last class which is biology, Rosey rushes to the library. She sees Cloud sitting alone, reading a book at a table in the shadow. She casually walks over to him. "Hi Cloud. It's me, Rosey." Cloud looks up. "Hi?" he says confused. "Rosey, what are you doing here. You need to catch the bus!" Rosey shakes her head and takes out the note that Cloud sent her. "You told me to meet you here." Rosey says. "Right?" Cloud looks confused and reads the note. He gives a silly laugh and smiles his charming smile. "Oh yeah, THAT!" His laugh alarms half the library and the place is HUGE! Cloud answers, "My friend from English asked me to give that to Lola-Rose and for her to give it to you. He was suppose to be a secret admirer, but well you know. I slipped." Not part of the story: (Sakura-san123) I added a new character sorta. He was the friend, but he's not a big character. So whatever.
  12. I don't know what's going on, so whatever?) The bunny jumped up and down and ate a piece of old chocolate on the sidewalk.Then he or she grew really huge. He or She walked into town and tried to eat everyone in his or her way. (Sorry I didn't follow the rules) =P
  13. Today is my friend, Chandee's birthday. So she is gonna have a b-day party. Before I left, Purple said she likes chocolate and bit me. ??? Then I went to the party and I guess the side effect of Purple's bite is making me chocolate crazy because when I arrived, it was a candy party,and I went absolutely crazy. I opened my mouth and chomped on the chocolate fountain. I bit into a chocolate egg and bunny. When I "accidentally" bit Carmella, (a guest at the party) I got thrown out. I tried to explain: She was wearing all brown, including her skin and hair. Plus her name IS Carmella. Before I left I took a lollipop bear that looked like glass, but it wasn't. I licked it all the way home. -Chelin Johnson (Sorry it was so long)<-<-<-<-<-<-< White Text (highlight to see it)
  14. On her birthday, Anne's dad takes her to Paws Pet Shop. Her dad surprises her by saying,"Pick a pet,Anne. Any one. It's your birthday." Anne looks around for quite some time. She ends up on aisle three, watching a...