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    I enjoy Collecting Tamagotchi!!! I'm a gamer! I love my 3DS & PS4!!! I enjoy writing!!!!

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    20ish Tamas along with rechargeable Cr2032 batteries and charger that I bought from eBay!!! I highly recommend buying rechargeable Cr2032 batteries for your Tamagotchi
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    V4.5 & V6
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    Kikitchi and Kuromametchi
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    None at the moment.

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  1. I'm thinking should I start up my Tamagotchi.

  2. Heyyyyy Everyone!!!! I'm back!!! It's been years!

  3. Haven't been on here since 2012. I'm not running any tamagotchies right now. But my tamagotchi collection grew a little.

    1. derekq


      I see so what are you collecting lately?

    2. tamastar133


      :D wow welcome back
  4. i can't wait until the fall this year when tamagotchi friends come out.

    1. Iamtamagotchi
    2. Itsumo-nana


      Haha okay take a deap breath... Bandai said June 2014!! :D

    3. Sabrazom


      Dont mind me. im just going to bug my mom to take me to Toys R Us on June

  5. if you have a high tech phone you can download get them all app in the play store to download YouTube videos on your phone.

  6. There haven't been no school in two days due to the cold weather in my area.

  7. I'm so bored right now.

  8. I've been cooped up in my room on the weekends playing pokemon, PS3, and trying to find and watch new videos on tamagotchi and other stuff.

    1. Itsumo-nana


      Haha same story x)

    2. furbitchi


      I know that feel

  9. I recently got two new tamagotchi V6 likes weeks ago.

  10. Hey Everyone!!! ATTENTION TAMAGOTCHI OWNERS: Can you all do tamagotchi videos on youtube about your experiences, likes, dislikes, opinions, stories, and other creative stuff you can do or say about your tamagotchies. Please tamagotchi owners. I've been trying to find some on that type of stuff on youtube and its only a few of them and not too many videos on that. thanks so much.

    1. Show previous comments  8 more
    2. TamaLover1990


      yeah i found Ra yesterday. i just subscribed to him.

    3. TamaLover1990


      i just subscribe to you.


    4. TamaLover1990


      no not reviews on tamagotchies. i mean like your own stories like how you got addicted to them, what u like about them and dont like about them, do u keep records of your tamagotchies like which tamagotchi is related to who, the longest tamagotchi that u kept alive, and etc. stuff like that. i wish i could just see more of those on youtube more than stupid reviews on tamagotchies. i guess i will have to make one on youtube then one day.

  11. Hey Everyone I'm back!!! I have got great news. I now have the 3DS XL in pink. Feel free to add me. my name is RanZilla. My friend code is: 4656 6759 4513. I will add you all. I still have more game to collect.

  12. I feel dizzy and i think i'm getting a headache.

    1. oddsandendswithlove


      heat bothering u ? drink lots of water and stay out of the sun hun

    2. Owl


      Drink water, stay out of the sun, and perhaps take a little nap! You'll be just fine. :3

  13. Hey Tama Owners!!! What's good?! Guess what??!! In October I'm getting a 3DS XL soon this year. I'm so happy. When I do get it I will give you guys my friend code.I will let you all know.

  14. bad news everyone. My tamagotchi went to the wrong house. At first i was upset but im not worrying about it anymore. I hope whoever has my tamagotchi is happy now. im just happy that i got at least one tamagotchi from ebay.

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    2. nyle9009


      :o Oh no! Are you gonna try to get it back?
    3. webster04
    4. violetvioletchi


      Oh dear ): Keep in touch with the post office if possible? Maybe someone will send it back or tell the mailcarrier

  15. I'm so sick of waiting for this tamagotchi. my patience is wayyy over the top.

    1. TotallyTamagotchi


      I feel ya. I once had to wait 3 weeks for a Tamagotchi, and when it finally arrived I was on vacation -_-