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    u dont need to know!!!
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    I like tamagotchi clearly i love pokemon and twilight series ohhhh and GIR omg i love gir hes so cute and green and fluffy kinda

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    Music stars and Tama-Go
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    mametchi and lovelitchi
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  1. hey havent talked to u in a while i love ur pic kirby is so cute

  2. its ok i just caught 3 legenderies in pokemon black i was so excited *smiles*

  3. Lol. Hey, sorry for the late reply, I was at Wal-Mart. And yes, boredom is eating me too.

  4. hey so whats up im so bored please talk to me the bordom is eating me up from the inside lol

  5. lol, okay. bye. *hugs back*

  6. lol anyway g2g see you tomorrow bye im just saying i like to hug so if u see me hugging u its normal lol buh bye *hugs*

  7. hey im jada nice to meet u

  8. oh that sucks but if it makes you feel anybetter i get out on june 23 and go back to school september 9 i guess that dint make u feel better lol

  9. Thanks! But it means going back on August 25th. D:

  10. your so lucky you get out june 3 lol

  11. VV Nick only found out about Bloody GIR AFTER the show was canceled. It was cancelled because all their other shows got higher reviews and such.

  12. i just love you lol not like that but u know what i mean.