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  1. shadow link

    aww i didn't see santa!

    the v2 doesnt see santa.
  2. shadow link


    look in your coutch.
  3. shadow link

    Help! My tama wont sleep!

    just turn the light off.
  4. shadow link

    Hope for Oniontchi Owners!

    I had a oniontchi and it turned into a gazuratchi.
  5. shadow link

    Why does every 1 h8 maskitchis? :o

    I hate maskitchis b/c they r gay.
  6. shadow link

    Might be off-topic but...

    do wat you feel like. tamas are cool
  7. shadow link

    Funny Story

    wow thats funny because the exact same thing happened to me when i was watching the movie wrong turn.
  8. shadow link

    what the?

    if yours is 7 and is still a toddler then i guess yours is screwed up!
  9. shadow link


    Yeah i did that too, i hate the costumes.