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    a place in Australia
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    Internet is one of them
    Now i also like reading
    Television is really cool
    Eating is classified as interests?
    Really I like A lot of things
    Eww! I can tell you now I hate insects
    So what else do I like...
    Tea! I loove drinking tea!
    So thats about it really

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  1. yeaaah bro thats squiddy

  2. Erm...Is that squidward?

  3. Sorry guys! I haven't been on. Engulfed in Facebook =P

    1. Peanut05


      Don't worry about it!

    2. '/={3


      lol same here

  4. happy birthday ruby!

  5. Happy birthday pikachuchu! c:

  6. im hosting a tv show with a pikmon :E

  7. ruby, according to your background, i am married to nyan cat

  8. Finding out that Landon has a girlfriend makes me sad... =(

  9. Granted but he's moved out I wish I can use my internet and it won't crash or freeze or anything of the sort
  10. ok I have Facebook secretly but now i need my e-mail!!! >=U

  11. Granted, but then you become bored by default I wish I'm won't be out of love (xD)
  12. (hmm...true true. Admin!? Will u change 4 me!?... No answer =P don't worry I'll PM them) The 13th night... 'Yes! Fridays!' Yumi said out loud. 'Fridays! The days when we don't have any school!' 'You wish!' Leana said laughing, walking to her next class and talking to Yumi. 'Well If I ever get chance for the VC (Vampire committee) , I would tell'em to make school from Mondays to Thursdays!' Leana just kept giggling and smiled. She waved good-bye to Yumi and went to English class or at least called there, Lunish Class. She plopped her stuff on the floor and waited for the teacher to come in. Instead, a different teacher came in. 'Hello students! Your previous teacher is not here today so I will be taking the class' (soz. No time to write the rest!)
  13. Granted but another riot happens somewhere...elsewhere I wish Landon would talk to me