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  1. The screen went funky after I dropped it, and showed two baby boys before I could reset or download once I got the screen on. I tried putting new batteries in and now it just won't turn on at all. Does anyone know of any way or anyone I could send this to to try to fix it? I believe it's the wires but I'm not positive.
  2. Wow, this helped lots! My Papratchi family is back to normal! :') Thanks a lot.
  3. (I didn't see any other questions similar to mine so that's why I'm asking.) My two friends would like to mate their TMGOs, but they're only 3yrs old. I can't wait to see when they are old enough to mate, so I wanted to know if that was even possible (To mate them). Because they get married, wait two days, and then have a kid, is that even possible to mate them? Like would one tama have to re-start their family to go over to the other TMGO or something? Please help!
  4. Haha, I didn't even know it was a glitch! This happens so often for me that it seemed normal, until I read your guys' comments. This happened A LOT for me, so I figured that the stages must have been wrong or something! I thought the stages were Baby-Child-Young Adult-Adult-Old Person (If you haven't found a mate)... whoops, silly me!
  5. Yes, I know this has already been asked and answered in another question, but the answer didn't work! My shop doesn't re-stock, even after trying the 10:59 cheat. It has been quite a while since it was re-stocked (with it mostly on pause, playing once a day, every day). How can I re-stock it, without using that 10:59 time change? (I also don't want to keep it un-paused, because I like it the way it is, being a teen and all.) I really hope that isn't the only way to re-stock the shop!) Please help!
  6. Today, I went to connect my friend's tama-go with my own, and my tama-go gave the "negative" sound (meaning no). I found this was weird because I could connect them a few days ago, and now I can't. I tried to change the batteries, but it didn't help. I also tried giving it a time-out, feeding it a snack, and giving it a meal. Please give suggestions on what I should do! I am very confused about it. (An hypothesis I thought up was maybe it was a glitch and will never be fixed, and I hope this isn't the case!)
  7. Well, my tama-go is a Violetchi (adult) and I went to the dating place. I went several times and rejected all of the guys there. Now the only guy that ever shows up is the old man (ojitchi?)! I go several times and now he is the only one to show up. None of my friends have a tama-go and I am really confused. Please explain why it is doing this and how it can be fixed. Please help?
  8. Also the website for tama town v4 is http://v4.tamatown.com/tamaok.html Hope it comes back soon
  9. Ok, so I have a V2 I want to marry with my friend's V4 tama. I read somewhere that they can marry, but I've tried literally one hundred times, and they just won't. My person likes her person, and her person likes mine, but why won't they marry? Please help me!
  10. Wow, I must have been a TERRIBLE parent to get Necktietchi! Then again, I did lose it when it was un-paused, and I didn't get to see it's toddler OR teenage years, so ya, I'm a horrible tama parent...
  11. Well my Makiko on my tama-go was left for a full 5 days and i checked on it again and it was a sick, old woman with 8 poops on its screen. The reason I left it for that long was because I thought it was paused
  12. I have two accounts, middlemae is my normal account, and savingaspot is the account I used when I couldn't find my password, but anyways, it turned out that the battery had leaked, and I used some steel wool to scrape it off, and it works now, just the screen has random lines going through it, that won't let anything show up where the lines are. (Talk about a run-on sentence!) Does anyone know how to fix that? I'm just glad it works, and surprisingly, the memory from my older person was still there!
  13. Okay, I've tried logging in with my v4.5 three times now and all that shows up when I login is ERROR, DISCONNECT. I've triple checked the numbers and letters and I get the same thing. Could someone please explain to me what is going on? Also if you know how to fix it could you please tell me about that too? Thank you for reading, and have a nice day.
  14. SPICE AND WOLF epicness

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      GREAT SHOW!! <3