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  1. katy. i cant still believe u havent been active for 4 months straight, ever since we got hacked, it seemed like u dont play computer anymore or u have been missing. collin misses u too. please reply :'(

  2. KATY! Text me i miss talking to you!

  3. I can't believe this just happened to us. I am so sad. No more tamatown.

  4. You are one of my best friends on tamatown. I miss you! I'm new to tama talk. By the way this is LE0920.

  5. Aww you not a miss perfect!

    You a mr TKD!



  6. ty, i love nyan cat!

    I made my friends addicted to it :P

  7. what's your id? on Tamatown? cuz you said you saw me :S

  8. do ja ever go on mametchi 1? I'm TS9523 ~_~

  9. nyan, nayn, nyan, nayn.

    Go to the youtube official nyan and check out da awesome progress bar!